Whoa whoa whoa!

I saw the new FNAF image......

What even is that?!

I'm flipping out!

Ok.... calm down Corey...


I did not expect a 4th FNAF game,

and I certainly didn't expect an announcement so soon.

That animatronic is not only the most terrifying yet,

SpringTrap's scary, but that...

Those heads beat SpringTrap's guts by a long ti me.


I have a theory, and I think it adds up with everything we've seen so far.

I still FIRMLY believe my two murderer's theory, in fact now I believe it more than ever.

But Golden Freddy and SpringTrap? my theory for them has changed.

I thought they were the 'original' animatronics, I no longer believe that,

I think they were just springlock suits on the side during the 1st Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, (Before Fredbear's)

I still believe the Shadow animatronics were the 'spare suits' Phone Guy mentioned.

Ok Let me illustrate my new timeline.

I've come to believe in the possessed by children theory, it took me  whiile, but i've come to believe in it.

So let's begin.

We start again Fredbear's family diner, you know the drill, a child outside is murdered by 'Pink Guy' (I believe to be the second Purple Guy) And this child possesses the Puppet.

The character you play is Fredbear, who I believe to be the character we see in the new teaser.


We see this animatronic holding a withered hat, upon the first new and polished hat disappearing.

the polished look of the hat to start with, is supposed to symbolize him being from the beginning of Freddy's, AKA Fredbear's family diner.

I don't think SpringTrap is the original Bonnie now, think about it.

In this paticular mini game, we don't see him anywhere, and that's the establishment, I mean yeah maybe they have a basement, but I don't think so.

So anyway the establishment is bought by Fazbear Entertainment.

They retire Fredbear, and use the four new one's, 

Later on, they build two springlock suits on the side.

The Pink Guy returns as a Security guard, and steals the Golden Freddy suit to murder the five children.

The Puppet in order to give the children life, stuffs them inside the animatronics suits, and they possess them, and either, the fifth child was still alive, barely hanging onto life, he climbed into the Golden Freddy suit to hide.

The springlocks in Golden Freddy crushed the child, and he died, possessing the Golden Freddy suit.

They remove the Endoskeleton from Golden Freddy to remove the child's body, since like SpringTrap, it merged with his body.

Golden Freddy becomes the limp Golden Freddy we all know, and the Naked Endoskeleton we see in FNAF 2 is born.

The fifth child possessess both, as they're part of the same person.

After what happened with Golden Freddy, it was decided they would abandon the springlock suits, and Phone Guy lied saying it was a 'sister location' to ensure you don't get suspicious.

The rotting smell starts to show, and they are forced to shut down.

They reopen in 1987, the toy animatronics, Balloon Boy, and possibly Balloon Girl are built.

The Purple Guy arrives, I believe he was just a copy cat, inspired by the previous actions of Pink Guy, he murders children, a total of  5, ot 6. (If Balloon Girl is real then 6) using the Golden Bonnie suit.

The first child he murders is stuffed Mangle's suit, (Not completely mangled yet) 

He murders 6 like Purple Guy, and once again like him, the first is seperate.

The reason I say Mangle has to be first is because she can't actually have a child in here now, since she's nearly a naked Endoskeleton.

Mangle being the first to be possessed, attack Purple Guy, and thus she is ripped apart by him.

Phone Guy lies about Mangle being ripped apart, because he doesn't know how to explain it. (We know he lies, not that hard to believe.)

The other murders occur, they are stuffed in the other suits. (It's possible they were only four murdered, and no Balloon Girl, since the fifth murder would've been covered up quite well.)

They are on the verge of being shut down again, and at the last moment, the Bite of 87 occurs.

Because the toys attacked people, they are shut down.

I don't believe a toy animatronic committed the Bite of 87, but I don't believe Foxy did it anymore either.

I think it's been revealed now, or soon will be.


The original animatronics return, and the FNAF 1 restraunt is opened.

It's shut down.

Afterward, Purple Guy returns to dismantle them all, to make sure they're gone.

He hides in the SpringTrap suit, ending his life.

Then Fazbear's fright finds SpringTrap years later.

Fazbear's fright is burned down, and the children's souls are seemingly put to rest.

But SpringTrap survived.

And that's not all that survived.

There was another.

One more animatronic.


Fredbear is retrofitted to fit the new terrifying theme, 

Thus the numerous heads.

And who's possessing him? you might ask.

Well I believe there's only one reasonable explanation.

It's Pink Guy, the ORIGINAL killer, back from the dead.

Not sure why or how, but I believe he's possessing Fredbear.

And due to some reports of 8's and 7's appearing on the website,

I believe he's somehow responsible for the Bite of 87.


I've seen some evidence, and it seems legit, this animatronic does seem to have five fingers, but one of them is missing the tip, making it harder to see.

With this in mind, it seems this terrifying creature really is a 'Spring Freddy' so maybe the original animatronic's really were This thing plus SpringTrap?

If that really is the case, all evidence Golden Freddy is anything but an illusion (besides being customizable) has pretty much been thrown out the window, and the yellow suit referenced in FNAF 2 most likely refers to SpringTrap.

Epic job on making that fifth finger hard to see Scott, I commend you.

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