I've been seeing a lot of things about Why there's no Phantom Bonnie,

But I think the reason is simple...

The animatronic's we seen in FNAF 3 are illusion's, not spirit's, we know this because we only see them when the ventilation's not bringing in air correctly. (I think) Soo, there's no need for a Phantom Bonnie because as far as the player knows, SpringTrap is Bonnie, no reason for him to imagine his own version of Bonnie.

In fact I think this is hinted at further by the additional SpringTrap, in a way this is his 'Phantom Bonnie'

Now I know there's a phantom Mangle, but Mangle (particially due to her damages) is practically a seperate animatronic, and the Security guard thinks of it as such, regardless of gender.

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