Hello guys,

So in this blog-post i'm going to talk a bit more about 'Golden Freddy' and most importantly.. what is he?

Now there are some people who claim he is 'Fredbear' some claim 'Spring Freddy' I have a bit of a problem with this, since he doesn't have five fingers, and Phone Guy refers to the suit's as 'the classic suits' meaning Spring Freddy likely is the same as Fredbear.

But what is Golden Freddy, if not Spring Freddy?

After all 'Spring Bonnie' is yellow, it would only make sense for Spring FREDDY to be yellow as well.

Not to mention he is seen playing with SpringTrap.

On a previous blog post I stated I believe Golden Freddy to be an illusion, however there are 'some' problems with this theory.

Most notably that Golden Freddy is most likely the fifth child, since we see Golden Freddy jumpscare you in 'Give gifts give life' right after the fifth child appears, almost as if he is hiding him.

AND in FNAF 3, he is one of the children seen throwing off the animatronic heads, most likely alluding to the fact he is a child himself.

He even has a little girl's laugh, which pretty much all but outright says he's a child's spirit.

Now for reference, let me explain in detail my previous theory about him being an illusion.

I believed that on Night 6, since it is the first you hear of a 'yellow suit' the player 'Jeremy Fitzgerald' starts imagining a yellow suit, out of fear of the real deal.

I believed in a sense that he is a hallucination of 'Spring Freddy' but since Jeremy was not aware said suits had five fingers, or that it was (probably) a Bonnie suit, he hallucinated a Freddy suit, based on Shadow Freddy's design, and it kind of makes sense because.

In FNAF 2 you see Shadow Freddy as a shadow, only able to tell he's purple when turning the lights on.

In short Jeremy was  unsure of what Shadow Freddy was, and since it appeared in the Parts/services room (I think) He thought it could be the 'spare suit'

Now I don't believe Spring Freddy is 'Nightmare Freddy' but I believe he will appear in FNAF 4, but that's another story, for another day. (Actually, for a previous day, since I mentioned this on my blog post about Nightmare Chica)

In FNAF 1, Mike Smchidt likely heard rumors of the 'yellow suit' and thus hallucinated Golden Freddy, he figured it was Freddy,  as the main character is the most likely character to have a spare yellow doppleganger.

And this explains why his model is EXACTLY the same as Freddy's in FNAF 1!

BUT this theory has some flaws, as once again, Golden Freddy is possessed by a child, isn't he?

I actually have a pretty good theory, as to JUST what Golden Freddy is.

So we move back to 'Give gifts give life' and we see Puppet changing each of the four animtronic's, if he simply changed the fifth child into Golden Freddy, why would it not let us see this?

Because he didn't.

The fifth child was left without a body to call it's own, as at the time, they're were no more animatronic's.

The child's spirit began to wander the halls, resulting in the various hallucinations in FNAF 1 and 2, and possibly the Phantoms in FNAF 3.

This makes sense as to why the character hallucinates so 'vividly' without a body to call it's own, this is what the fith child does to the player.

And so he is the cause of Golden Freddy as well, and is 'in a sense' Golden Freddy himself.

This explaisn why in the FNAF 3 bad ending, we see a head shining in the backround with a light, but in the good ending, we don't see this head at all.

It's because Golden Freddy himself doesn't existt, without the aid of the spirit.

And Golden Freddy, the most common illusion, is the easiest way to represent the fifth child.

What do you guys think? is this theory perhaps accurate? 

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