So fairly recently, I came up with a theory, i'm not sure if it holds too much ground, but I think it's a possibility.

It was after I watched the new Game theorist video.

In it he pointed out that the phone calls in FNAF 2, like in FNAF 1, are supposedly recordings, since it's not Summer in November 'anywhere' and that Phone Guy said on the last day the restraunt was open, there was going to be a birthday party.

Aaaall throughout FNAF 2, there are decorations for... a birthday party!

Now keeping that in mind, this not only means that the Bite of 87 could've happened before FNAF 2, it means the range of who committed it is much wider, since Phone Guy stated that the animatronics are allowed to move around the day in his phone calls, it's possible they no longer ARE allowed to move around during the day.

Withered Bonnie's face could've been broken off after or BECAUSE of the bite, if it was before FNAF 2, the btite could also potentially be why Chica's beak doesn't work right in FNAF 2.


'The Bite' isn't what this theory is about, this theory is about Phone Guy, his identity that is..

But before I explain that, I have something else to say.

If Phone Guy's calls in FNAF 2 are recordings, why are you listening to them?

Not only did they contain important information about the company and what occured there,

but they are for someone else! a Security guard from a previous restraunt.

I fail to see why a random worker in the restraunt would listen to 6 messages by Phone Guy.

But I don't think Jeremy was a random worker...

I think he IS Phone Guy! 

Think i'm crazy? Eh, you might be right.

But the logic for why you're sitting there listening to odd recordings made for someone else isn't really there anyway,

so it's not entirely impossible for Phone Guy to be listening to his own recordings.

And think back for just a second,

If these calls are truly recordings, then Phone Guy should be the person working at this restraunt.

It was Phone Guy who said 'When the place reopens i'll probably take the night shift myself..." or something like that.

We thought Jeremy was being moved to the day shift, but he wasn't talking about Jeremy, he was talking about another Security guard.

Who was this worker though? I this adds both him AND the Day shift guard as potential cananidates for Purple Guy, after all it does seem odd he's not around anymore, or maybe he really IS working the Day shift now? who's to say.

What do you guys think? does this theory hold any ground?

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