Hellooooo FNAF Wikia,

You probably don't know me. (Unless you go on other wikia's, I go to a lot of them)

Well you guys can call me Cave, that's what most of my Wikia friends call me,

like a good portion of you, I am obsessed with FNAF, specifically uncovering the whole of the storyline!

I watch 'the Game theorists' (at least, I watched their FNAF Video's.)

So a large portion of my beliefs stem from their video's, however I don't believe everything they say, which you'll begin to understand as I explain my version of the FNAF timeline.

At an unknown period of time, we have 'Fredbear's family diner'

Here we have two animatronics 'Fredbear' (Which would go on to become Golden Freddy)

And the Bonnie, which before becoming SpringTrap, I refer to him as 'Bonbun' (I didn't make that to whoever did)

As it was stated SpringTrap was in FNAF 3, they were SpringLock suits, meaning they could be worn as suits, by people and animatronics.

I personally believe they were not originally golden, and that they are featured golden in the mini game with Golden Freddy and SpringTrap on stage together, to show which version of them it is.

I believe they became gold due to deteriation, and that the yellow is the 'sponge under layer'

I also believe the animatronics were always alive, and I don't buy in to the 'possessed by children' theory,

(even though a lot of people do) some people act as though that's confirmed, forgive me if it is. XD

(I have another theory on why they are alive, which I will get back to)

The only murder that is known to have occured here is the one child in the mini game 'give cake to the children' I think this is supposed to signify that the Purple Guy was murdering before being employed by the pizzeria.

This murder, despite having occured right outside their doors, wasn't enough to tarnish their reputation, as they were not directly associated with the incident.

Fast forward a bit,

'Fredbear's family diner' is bought by, what is known by now as 'Fazbear Entertainment'

They open the first 'Freddy Fazbear's Pizza' and use the two animatronics previously used,

until an employee is killed by the suit's springlocks, which is the first real 'tarnish' on their reputation.

They replace the Springlock animatronics with four new animatronics, the four from the first game.

The restraunt is doing well, for a while...

Then the Purple Guy strikes..

FIrst off, let me explain something.

I believe there are TWO Purple Guys,

1, the one with what many theorize to be a phone, and a security badge. (Personally I don't think it's a phone though)

2, the one lacking this, that has solid black eyes, rather than the other Purple Guy's Black and white eyes.


The Purple Guy's steal the FredBear and BonBun suit's.

The 1st Purple Guy wearing the FredBear suit, and the other wearing BonBun.

The 1st Purple Guy is currently employed as a 'Night shift guard'

I believe he's the Day shfit guard from FNAF 2, however he hasn't been transfered to the Day shift yet,

as he has yet to complain about...

conditions. XD


the Foxy Death mini game represents this part in the story.

then we have 'Give gifts, give life'

Puppet, (Can I call him Poppy? XD My fan name for him)

tries to revive the children by inducing them with an electrical shock, (to no avail)

this is when he discover's the affects stuffing them in a suit will have on people.

So the restraunt's reputation is tarnished, and it is left to rot, until, many years later, they revive it via the pizzeria in 'Five nights at Freddy's 2'

This is also when the Animatronics first become hostile...

Since at least one of the Purple Guy's was a security guard, they mistake you for him, and thus, want to kill you. because they spend the majority of their time with children, they had grown attached to them, and want to avenge them.

The Toy Animatronics are built, the previous animatronics are taken for spare parts.

And my belief is 'Shadow Bonnie' is actually SpringTrap.

I believe Shadow/Purple Freddy, in FNAF 2, is a representation of the killer wearing FredBear/Golden Freddy, thus, why he's a recoloration of him.

Anywho, due to them trying to kill him, the Day Shift guard/Purple Guy 1 switches to the day shift, Jeremy is hired.

the mini game 'SAVETHEM' happens during the events of this game, the men in purple strike again, murdering five more children.

The Purple Guy's tamper with the animatronics, causing them all to see him as a animatronics himself. (Purple Freddy in the mini games)

Purple Guy 1 is fired/arrested for his crimes, Jeremy is switched to the day shift.

The Purple's also tampered with the Toy Animatronics to make them violent toward anyone, resulting in them attacking people the very next day.

This, of course, was the final straw for this restraunt, they are shut down again, and the toy animatronics are scrapped due to their violence, they hope to revive the original four, since the toy animatronics AI proved far too risky to try again...

When the place re-opens,  Phone Guy takes over the night shift.

This makes him finally realize how terrifying they are, so that he decides to finally scrap the toys and Golden Freddy.

(As they previously refused to scrap them due to their sentience)

During the day, Foxy (I realy wanna believe it was Foxy) commits the Bite of 87, (I see no proof it was during the FNAF 2 pizzeria.) and get's repeatedly shot by police/security guards. leaving gaping holes in his chest, and the bite left his jaw unhinged.

The animatronics are restrained, now unable to walk around during the day.

Phone Guy dies, my belief is killed by all of the animatronics, or at least more than one of them.

Leaving messages behind for Mike when he comes to work there.

Mike is hired/fired, and the restraunt is finally shut down, and left to rot once again.

Purple Guy 2, weary that the animatronics now left behind will come after him, goes to dismantle them all.

dismantling the animatronics angers the souls of the children he murdered, who had befriended during their lifetime, which causes him to run into a backroom, and put on the Bonbun/Golden Bonnie suit, killing him, thus resulting in SpringTrap.

My theory for why the animatronics are alive, (probably should be up above instead of down here. LoL)

Is that they are made from a special metal, containing a life force.

This comes from the message on Night 5, and also stems from the fact that.

The restraunt is extremely advanced for it's time, beyond even today's standards.

With animatronics able to walk around on their own perfectly fine, and durable enough to force someone into an animatronic suit. not to mention the Toy Animatronics being connected to a flipping data base! and it was 1987?... HOW?

The stuffing into a Freddy suit I believe to be their form of irony, he killed the children in a Freddy suit, so they wanna kill him WITH a Freddy suit.

More evidence that they are more advanced than the norm in the FNAF world, is that Fazbear's fright, implied if they didn't find a working animatronic, they would have to have someone walk around in a furry costume scaring people.

implying they cannot recreate the animatronics.

I personally believe SpringTrap is the only animatronic to be possessed. (By Purple Guy) Which makes him, to me, FNAF's greatest enemy to date.

Anywho, that's all, be sure to comment on just what you think of this theory! if there are any holes in it, please point them out to me, be sure to tell me why you do/don't agree with this theory, until next time, cya!

P.S posting theories on Wikia blogs is pretty much what I do, so it's likely as I come up with more, I will post more. XD

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