Hello everyone! it's me again.

two theories in one day? well, not exactly,

my last blog was about debunking, specifically the idea that FNAF 4 is a prequel, if you haven't already read it, go right ahead, i'm not stopping you.

this blog post will be here when you get back,

you done yet? alright? good.

Now first things first, let's take into account, the term 'Nightmare'

i've been dodging this little enigma for... quite a while now.

because the only thing I could think it would suggest is...the game is a dream.

and I admit, I really don't wanna believe that, and I really DON'T believe that Scott Cawthon would make his final game some big 'Nightmare' much less give it a title like 'The Final Chapter'

but if what I heard is right, Scott has confirmed the term is very plot relevant.


just what does it mean?


I think I finally know.

I believe it is a nightmare, but not in the way people are thinking.

think back to what Scott said

'He originally intended to make 3 games'

THREE, not four games.


But then... why are we getting a fourth?

my best guess is because fans have been demanding another, that we need more answers, and regardless of this game's time placement, it can give us that, in the form, of minigames.

Alright, so time for me to get back to this theory.

Each of these Nightmare animatronics, are being treated like they are the originals, and they even act like it.

saying things like 'Was it me?' and ending at 'Or me' implying that that's the end of their sentence.

Which means they're the only four cananidates for the Bite of 87.

Which would make sense if they're the originals, since they were the suspects, back in FNAF 1, they were it. (besides maybe GF)

These animatronic's are built in a similar fashion to SpringTrap, and with their horrifying appearance, if it's not a dream, they could only be used in a horror attraction.

Which leads me to believe, they are newly built horror attraction's, possessed by the original children.

built like SpringTrap, cause he's the only animatronic they ever had, the only one they knew the structure of.

because OBVIOUSLY they didn't know how to build animatronics prior, because they were looking so hard for an old one.

even saying you'd have to wear a 'fur suit' if they didn't found one.

But wait...

The children's souls were freed...


Five Nights at Freddy's 4 the Final Chapter, takes place down the bad ending.

That's why we were originally going to get 3 games, this game is an optional path, one that wasn't supposed to happen.

Just look at the Nightmare animatronic's eyes glow,

a very similar glow to the animatronic heads seen in The BAD ending.

And remember in FNAF 3, you're treated to a Night 6, 'Nightmare mode'

Which is normally seen with an ending we've come to know as 'the neutral ending'

How many times did I say things about SpringTrap surviving?

....a LOT.

But the thing is, we never see that across the Good ending, that  newspaper is never seen.

Now going back to the same old Fazbear's fright would be disappointing...

that's why I believe this game will happen across 'The neutral ending' where SpringTrap survived, the souls are never freed, and they open a brand NEW Fazbear's fright.

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