It's here guys, Nightmare Foxy has arrived! go ahead and head to Scottgames now! i'm flipping out!

Go ahead, this blog post will be here when you get back.

you done? ok? good.

So the first thing I want to point out is, despite what I thought, Nightmare Foxy is indeed, lit with red lighting.

he doesn't have 'four rows of teeth' as I was also predicting.

And he has a....TONGUE?


he has damages on the end of his nose, this doesn't resemble any Foxy we've seen before.

Interestingly enough, his body is most hidden of all, it's seemed like one after another their body was more hidden than the last, all that's very visible in this one, is his head, (minus ears) and hook.

Gotta say, this guy is quite horrifying, glad they made him quite different from my expectations, even though I would've loved to be right. lol

I'm kinda starting to believe Scott wanted it uploaded on the 25th, but then stuff happened in Texas, some flooding I think? which might've knocked out his internet.

and if so, that would probably mean we've got one more... something, left to go. (but what?!)

And guess what? my theory has changed, or rather.. returned back to something else.

I once again believe these are retrofitted spring suits, THE spring suits, making Nightmare Bonnie SpringTrap.

You may be thinking i'm crazy, but,

in FNAF 3 there is a Golden Cupcake, possibly hinting toward a Spring Chica.

The Phone Guy says their are 'currently' two spring suits in the phone calls in FNAF 3.

meaning it's possible their were more in the past, deactivated.

Nightmare Chica and Foxy look in worse condition than Bonnie and Freddy, which could imply it's been longer since they were used.

Now I don't know who would be possessing them, but I have a feeling 'Pink Guy' is possessing ONE of them, I just don't know which yet, I mean, Freddy would make sense since this theory would mean the other's would've been scrapped a while before the murders.

BUT, Phone Guy mentions 'Spring Bonnie has noticably been moved' never stating the Freddy was moved, this would indicate 'Pink Guy' used one of the other two, and I believe it would be Nightmare Foxy.

In the unnamed Foxy minigame, we see all five children are murdered in Pirate cove.

honestly it makes perfect sense, the killer luring them into the cove, and lowering the curtains to finish the job, that's probably the only place he could get away with it during the day, and since Foxy is running as if performing, it must have been in the day.

Perhaps this is why 'Mangle' got such a drastic redesign? if Foxy was responsible for murders, this would make sense.

as for who's possessing the other two, I don't know for sure, but i'm leaning toward previous security guards.

also, someone get on finding anything hidden in that teaser, STAT!

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