Hello everyone! This is my second blog today, so if you want, i'd appreciate it if you checked out my other blog, I went through a lot of evidence to prove this new FNAF 4 animatronic as the culprit of the Bite of 87.

This time however, i'd like to discuss what animatronic's I think may be in FNAF 4.

I'm fairly convinced this is a sequel, if you check out another one of my blogs, I believe this new animatronic to be posssessed by the second killer, or first killer rather, due to the Purple Guy's two differeing sprites.

I think SpringTrap might possibly make an appearance, though it's hard to determine how much of him was left after the fire, so he may have become a prop now as well.

Honestly, i'd have no problem with him just being a prop, guy got a game all to himself, maybe it's time to focus on another animatronic? But it would be cool to see this new animatronic and SpringTrap as 'Partners in crime'

But I have a hunch...

While I do believe this animatronic we've seen to be an old animatronic,

I think there might be new one's...

The Mini Freddy's could be new, but I actually one of them might have been the shadow in the Gift Shop.

But my theory is, that we'll be coming back to a new version of Fazbear's fright, (possibly owned by different people) 

I think since this game is being released on Halloween, that we'll see new halloween themed remakes of each of the animatronic's, built to frighten the customer's.

Maybe even made to look like different types of ghouls of sorts?

Mummy Bonnie? Zombie Chica? Vampire Foxy?

On another note, I think the 'Nightmare' message, may refer to dream sequences I think may happen inbetween nights.

Similar to the visisons/illusions in FNAF 2, and the mini games in FNAF 3.

What do you guys think? are these possibillities? tell me what you think in the comments below!

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