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  • Carlogamer12

    What we really know about the Phone Guy?that he's worked in the Freddy Fazbear's Pizza  before you,that he record tapes to help another night guard, but what is him real identity? sorry game theory,but he can't be Purple Guy cause phone guy died in the night shift,as we see in the Night 4 and purple guy died because he enters in the Springtrap suit. what if phone guy (from fnaf 1 please) is Jeremy Fitzgerald?

    1. in Night 1 the phone guy says that it's him LAST WEEK at freddy's,that meen that he already works in the stablishment before recording the tape
    2. Jeremy is the only night guard (mike/fritz) to not be fired,so he could return to fnaf 1 pizzeria,to alert another night guards
    3. Finally,jeremy is not the victim of The Bite of '87,and night 6 is l…
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  • Carlogamer12

    Bonnie is a peculiar character,he always leaves before the other animatronics,he is the character that most apears at hallucinations,and he is the only one in the first Game to have a death screen,why?why does Scott Cawtton give so much importance to this bunny?i say that is because he's important to the story of the Game What if the victim of the bite of 87 takes suicides at the stablishment and possess bonnie? one would want live as the victim,that was bitted by someone he loves 2.we all know that Bonnie is without him face in the second Game 3.In the start of the fnaf 2 teaser trailer we see children singing,assuming that is take in the day,and after that we see bonnie,and then,apears red pupils.that could be the moment that the sp…

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