((This is a test of my novel style and here's why Webber was freaking out in the roleplay))

Webber was happy to be off the island, the little kid didn't know how he got there, but he was happy. He knows he has monsters under the bed, 15 in fact. They are all friends, spiders. Spiders understand him. Webber was listaning to a story from Lucas, and looked over, but he was unable to see Robert in the dark room. After a while, the kid-in-a-spider finally fell asleep... But he didn't know it.

The mangled racoon, Riptup, was on the couch (the first clue this was a dream, he had just backed out of the room after finding where Webber hid the spiders), Webber could hear him softly, and Lucas was holding a small flame to ward off the darkness. Robert was in the other bed, softly snoring, Webber was told to keep his spider friends out of sight of him. Suddenly Webber heard a hiss in the dark, and he saw 2 glowing eyes for a second. "... Friend, this isn't funny..." Webber said, hoping it was a spider, but it wasn't. The creature retreated, and suddenly the rinding of metal was head, and Riptup screamed. Webber jumpped out from under the covers. "N-no, it couldn't have followed me here!" He whimpered, and Lucas sent a flame over to see what was happening. The couch had claw marks all over it, and a bit of metal. That was all. Suddenly Robert screamed as well, and the flame was starting to dim. "G-get the light over there! There's a monster in the dark!" Webber screamed, but when the light was over Robert's bed, there was only claw marks and blood.

Webber started hyperventalating and Lucas looked scared. "NononononononopleasenoWEWANTOURMOMMY!" Webber cried as the flame was going out, the ring of light growing ever smaller. The light went out, and Webber heard something coming closer, followed by Lucas screaming as he was dragged off. Webber knew he was next. "Friends, HELP!" He yelled, but none of the spiders responded. Infact, they were completely silent, maybe dead.. Webber felt something brush by him and the glowing eyes reappeared, right in frount of him...

Webber woke with a start, before breaking down crying. "I-IwantanightlightIwantanightlight!"

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