Listen to this while reading:

"Have you ever felt like a stray dog...

wandering the streets

looking for love

only attention is when you mess up

you get captured by emotions

you get thrown into a cesspool of depression, you try to defend yourself but you can't, the emotions take over you... making you feel remorse... hatred... and pain

you try to sleep as it takes you to your final destination hoping that it'll be okay

but as soon as you arrive you feel more pain, you get taken out of your cage by your emotions

...days and days go past, nobody seems to notice you...

the final day is up...your emotions come in to you again...

you go into an isolated room...they tell you it'll be ok

but as soon as you notice

there putting that dog to sleep."

Think about what your doing, readers. Stop and think.

You hate Rae.

You hate the Miiverse admins. (a lot of people do from what i've seen)

You hate people at your school, your work...

you hate at least ONE person.

Let me tell you something, haters.

These people work hard for you.

They spend countless hours working to please you, yet they never do.

Take rae for example. She has a lot of fans.

But then this:

Stop and read that. Look in the middle.

Why is the FNAF fandom bad? Send them this video.

That has to be one of the rudest thing's i've ever saw. Makes me want to hit someone.

I'm being serious... what the fazbears?

I don't even want to see you hating on this. I don't want to see 'But Rae sucks! Oh, she steals! OH THE COPYRIGHT!"

Say that? GTFO my page, k?

Thank you for reading this. Now think about your actions before you post them, say them, or anything.

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