So, EB info.

EB is a manfestation of BeeBops anger and guilt. She has been trapped for 1,000 years.

The reason she is singing the Gypsy Bard is because I Imagine it to be a great backstory for the EB (EB was born from BeeBop (NOT AS HER CHILD. FROM HER ANGER AND GUILT. BEEBOP IS THIRTEEN.) , but seprated. BeeBop had a nice life. EB had a horrible life, did many horrible things, and was banished.)

EB is not star wars FNAF. She is just stonger, faster, smarter, and more evil then BeeBop herself. She does not have lazers, but has a magical amulet as well.

BeeBop's age is not my actual age, even though she is pretty much me, I just prefer her being thirteen.)

Dispite being alive for 1,000 years, after BeeBop reached thirteen, she stopped aging. No she is not Peter Pan. Same with EB, and she's not PP either.

EB is a darker green, a richer black, and has oil all over hir shirt (which would, in a way, be animatronic blood. Her childhood explains this.

The song that inspired EB's backstory is here:

Yes, I am aware this is a MLP fansong. I am not a fan of MLP, not a brony, I just like this song.

Thank you for reading this long, sucky blog post. Now, please enjoy your roleplaying day.


EB's voice is the voice in the song, and BeeBop's voice is mine. Which is not that voice.

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