Phone Guy: Hello? Hello? Oh, Hi there! I'll be your guide to all the OC's that will appear to you in BeeBop's land of fun. Well, at least MarionetteIsBae's OC's.

Now, you might think I'm dead... but I was actually getting Phone Guy-napped to read you these bios. If you would like to register your OC to enter Her Magesties mystical land, please see the sign up page in Marionette's blog posts.

BeeBop is not responsible for dismemberment or death.

Now, the queen herselfs bio!

Name: BeeBop

Species: Cat

Duration of service (age): 13 years (not my actual age lol)

Height: don't matter m8s

Fur color: Green and black

Eye color: Blue

Functon in the Pizzeria: Engineer (fixes stuff)

Programmed personality: Snappy often, emotional, funny

Design: Green fur, black stripes on limbs and tail, black paws, ear insides, muzzle and stomach, Purple tank top with a gear on it, blue amulet shaped like a heart. Large black, swirly tuft on forehead.

Jumpscare: see toy bonnie's jumpscare

Backstory: was a scrapped idea until she was desided to be used

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