As many of you should remember, Five Nights at Treasure island was an amazing fangame based off of the creepy pasta Abandoned By Disney. Well, maybe not so much amazing, but more revolutionary, because it set a good structure for fangames.

It gained a large following, with people coming to and fro from the wiki.

Well, for any of you guys curious, the game is officially cancelled. Thus, the FNATI wiki is getting deleted.

Why, though?

Mainly, it started because of a few trolls coming on. Creating accounts and messing with the wiki. From there, tempers started rising, people started conflicts, and conflict was on the wiki.

The admins of the FNATI just couldn't handle it.

Rather than searching for a solution, they just ended the game and the wiki entirely.

That's all you guys need to know on the subject.

There's a bit more, but it's really not worth explaining.

So I guess the FNATI game is up for grabs now. Maybe I will even take it up. 

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