aka Your Worst Nightmare

  • I live in A solid gold bumper car
  • I was born on September 29
  • My occupation is Bumper Cars,Scaring Night Guards,Eating Pizza
  • I am Purple Male Bunny
  • BonnieTheBumperCarBunny

    Hello!And welcome to Searching for the Fazbear,a story about a man named Aran Fitzgerald tries to uncover what REALLY happened to his Great Uncle on 1987,all that he was told that he died during work hours,but nobody told him HOW,it is now up to him to discover what happened and who did it.(This was several years before Fazbear Fright was made)

    I was always the one to ask questions,ponder about things nobody ever even thought of,and when I was informed about my Great Uncle,curiosity struck me,Jeremy Fitzgerald,what happened to him,though?I don't even know where he works,so how will I find out WHAT happened to him?I have to find out where he works at,so I am starting this jour-

    Aran's pencil drops from his hand and slams onto the floor as his m…

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