So, I have discovered how to really easily hack fnaf. If you have played the whole game and wanted to replay a certain night, it is easy. Or you can automatticaly beat the game. Here it is.

  1. Press windows and type 'run'
  2. Click Run, in programs.
  3. enter %appdata% in the box.
  4. Click the folder MMFapplications.
  5. Click freddy/freddy2/freddy3
  6. Open in NotePad

It has stuff like beatgame:1 beat6:0, now, to unlock 3 stars, replace the 0s with 1s. Then save. You can change the night in the Continue with the 'level' part. If you change it above 5, and go to the start screen and flicker through the links, you see the number next to Continue, like with night 8.

Anyways, see ya!

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