• BonnieFan

    I am freaking out. The fnaf is confirmed. On Scott Games, it offically says: The Final Chapter. 31,10,2015.

    If you brighten the screen, it says 'Nightmare' This could be meaning that Fnaf 4 is a dream, or is going to be a very trickey game. I don't know. This will cause a lot of speculation. I know it.

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  • BonnieFan

    How to hack fnaf

    April 7, 2015 by BonnieFan

    So, I have discovered how to really easily hack fnaf. If you have played the whole game and wanted to replay a certain night, it is easy. Or you can automatticaly beat the game. Here it is.

    1. Press windows and type 'run'
    2. Click Run, in programs.
    3. enter %appdata% in the box.
    4. Click the folder MMFapplications.
    5. Click freddy/freddy2/freddy3
    6. Open in NotePad

    It has stuff like beatgame:1 beat6:0, now, to unlock 3 stars, replace the 0s with 1s. Then save. You can change the night in the Continue with the 'level' part. If you change it above 5, and go to the start screen and flicker through the links, you see the number next to Continue, like with night 8.

    Anyways, see ya!

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  • BonnieFan

    Save FNAF

    March 29, 2015 by BonnieFan

    OK, I want to see fnaf 4 come out soon, but recently in the 3rd game through secrets of the night 6 newspaper, he says it himself. He is done.

    But I want to think this... Would he really give up a game seris that stirs people up like that? No. So I thought he done with the fnaf seris...

    But did he mention he will stop making his games?

    No... Which makes me think he is either stirring everyone up, or he is making a similar seris that follows the same mechanics but a different storyline.

    What do you think?

    Scott is a very trickey man, setting all these secrets. So I am probably right.

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  • BonnieFan

             Rare images show Springtraps head opening, and a Purplish man is inside. So…the Puppet Master is the Purple Man. The images kinda look like them both. If attacked by Puppet Master in 3rd game, you see a Purple face… The Purple Man murdered a kid at Fredbears Diner that, when dead, resembles the Puppet/Marrionette. The Purple Man is the master of the Puppet. He controls it. Pulls its strings. Kills you. The Marionnette is a good person. Not evil. She was a girl who was locked out of the Diner… then killed… She is not evil. You have to keep the box wound up because… She has the soul of a little girl. But with the Puppet master/Purple guy, by her side tempting her to kill you, and she is fighting that instinct, but fails… that’s what…

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