Since minigames on the mobile platforms are simplified, the way to get the good ending is achieved differently. If you're wondering, here's how:

BB's Air Adventure:

Tap on the poster of BB in CAM 08 to access this minigame. Collect the seven balloons, but then head over to the very left to fall out of the main area. You will find some tree-like thing and a crying BB. Head over to the very right to pick up a color-changing balloon. Then, beat Night 1 to access Mangle's Quest.

Mangle's Quest: 

Collect the parts as usual, but glitch through the left as you did in BB's Air Adventure. Fall down to a pink area with a crying Puppet, and then land on balloon platforms. Head to the right to deliver cake to the child.

BB's Air Adventure (II):

On Night 2, return to BB's Air Adventure by tapping on the BB poster in CAM 08. Collect the seven balloons and glitch to the left as usual. This time, land on the balloons and deliver the cake to the crying child to the right. 

Chica's Party:

Beat Night 2 to access this minigame. Collect the two cupcakes at the beginning, and then drop down, but stay left to land on balloon platforms. Head left to deliver the cake to the crying child.


Beat Night 3 to access this minigame. The crying child is in one of the boxes, but you can't jump! So, go to the pit where the happy child is at the start, and then glitch to the left. Once you pop out, hold the right button to bounce and glitch your way through to the box with the crying child. Keep holding right to deliver the cake.

RWQFSFASXC/Glitch minigame:

Beat Night 4 to access this minigame. Getting to the crying child is extremely easy: Just press the down arrow until you see him. Then, press right to deliver the cake. 

Happiest Day: Head over to the very right. If you don't see a cake on a table, you missed a cake ending, which means you might have to tap on New Game and do all the minigames over, which means you have to beat Night 5 again, enduring the conveniently timed errors. Once you get all the cakes, deliver the last cake, and the Good Ending will play out. 

ADMIN NOTE: Should something like this be added to the Minigames page?

Also, if you find any mistakes, such as if eye mispellled somehting, tell me! 

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