Five Nights at Greenblatt World is a horror game inspired by the PaRappa the Rapper universe and Scott Cawthon's most beloved horror game, Five Nights at Freddys.


Lammy (Night 1)

Katy Kat (Night 1)

Ma-San (Night 3)

Paula the Fox (All Nights)

PaRappa (Night 2)

Chop Chop Master Onion (Night 3)

Rammy (Night 3)

Papa PaRappa (Night 3)

Gaster (Night 3)

Matt Major (Night 2)

PJ Berri (Night 3)

Pinto Rappa (Golden Freddy) (Night 5)


Show Stage (CAM 01)

Main Hall (CAM 02)

PaRappa's House (CAM 03)

Parts Room (CAM 04)

Karate Hall (CAM 05)

DJ Stage (CAM 06)

Left Hall (CAM 07)

Right Hall (CAM 08)

The OfficeEdit

The Office has two doorways, one being the left hall, and the other, the right hall. The center between the doorways are child-drawn pictures of PaRappa and his friends having fun with them. The desk has a beautiful Lammy figurine welding her guitar, a PaRappa hat, and a PJ Berri keychain, all adoring your desk. When you shine your light on the left hallway, you can see a Spooky the Ghost poster. And when you shine your light on the right hallway, you can see a poster of Jasper from Steven Universe.

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