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  • BettyTheDemon

    I mean, all the other human characters have articles already. I do think it would be possible to create a page for Fritz too, since there seems to be enough known information about him. I want to know why a page hasn't been made for him yet. What do you guys think?

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  • BettyTheDemon

    Hey! As the title says this is an RP blog. Now I'll go ahead and put some description, okay?

    The character I'm going to be is my night guard OC named Daisy, and I was looking for a FNaF 1 RP, but it is alright if you want to do one of the others. Daisy is 19, and she has `shoulder length bleach-blonde hair and bright blue eyes. Don't let her cute looks fool you, because she might put a couple dents in you (in other words, kick your ass.). Even though she's sometimes grumpy, she's a pretty good person. 

    In this RP, I was going for the animatronics being humans. If you want to RP, tell me which character you are going to be, and which FNaF game you want to RP for. 

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