(So i'm going to write stories now, hope everyone's okay with this)

Bongos woke up on his stage, he glanced around.

"It's night already?" He thought to himself.

Bongos stepped off his stage, and looked at Bingo, a lemur animatronic.

"Bingo! wake up! the guard's here!" Said Bongos.

Bingo opened her eyes and yawned.

"Do we really have to murder him?" Bingo said, tired.

"Yes, it's a family tradition!" Said Bongos, grabbing his signature bongos.

"Ugh" Groaned Bingo as she stepped off the stage.

"C'mon! Maybe he will let his guard down tonight!" Said Bongos.

"We haven't killed him in the past two weeks in a row!" Said Bingo, irritated.

"I know, but i feel like... we'll do it this time!" Said Bongos.

Bingo rolled her eyes, before heading towards the office.

Bob (the guard) was sipping his coffee and checking the cameras.


Bob got his door buttons ready.

While on their way to the office, Bongos and Bingo walk past Cat's Cove, where Larry the Leopard pops out from behind the curtains and startles them.

"What the heck is wrong with you Larry?!" Said Bingo, startled.

"I'm sick of that guard surviving every night!" Growled Larry.

"I know..." Said Bongos.

"What's this? THEY'RE HAVING A CONVERSATION!? WHAT IS THIS WITCH CRAFT!?" Said Bob, upon viewing Cat's Cove.

Bongos heard Bob.

"Er, has he gone crazy?" Said Bongos.

"I hope!" Said Larry.

Bob grinds his teeth.

Bongos and Bingo continue on their path to the office.

Meanwhile, Salvage the Hyena and an older model of Bongos wake up in the back room.

"ALL WILL DIE!" Screamed Salvage, as soon as she woke up.

Old Bongos simply spewed out static.

Bongos and Bingo reach the office, and peer through the window.

"Dang, he's ready for us!" Said Bongos.

"How will we do this?" Said Bingo.

"NIGHTGUARD! I'M GONNA KICK YOUR A**!" Screamed Larry as he ran towards the left door.

Bob reacted quickly, and slammed the door in Larry's face.

Larry punched the door.

"OPEN THE DOOR YOU P*SSY!" Screamed Larry

"Why does he talk like that?" Said Bingo.

"Well, he was kinda designed for the teenagers" Said Bongos.

"Oh" Said Bingo.

Larry kept punching the door.

While Bob was distracted by Larry, Bongos got in through the right door.

"I GOT YA BOBBY BOY!" Screamed Bongos as he grabbed Bob

"NO PLEASE GOD!" Screamed Bob.

Bingo walks in.

"Great! Now, who will kill him?" Said Bingo.

"I guess me" Said Bongos.

"PLEASE!" Cried Bob.

Larry peered in.

"NO I WANNA RIP HIS GUTS OUT!" Screamed Larry.

"FINDERS KEEPERS!" Yelled Bongos as he ran out with Bob.

"I WANNA TEAR HIM LIMB FROM LIMB!" Screamed Larry as he ran after Bongos.

Suddenly, a giant light appeared in the center of the pizzeria.

"What?" Said Bingo.

"It's... amazing" Said Larry.

Bongos dropped Bob in awe.

A giant floating head was there.

It was the head of...

To bee continued.

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