(Note, this is unfinished because i lost interest)

Freddy awoke in P/S, he sat up and looked around, Bonnie, Chica, and Foxy were gone, so he assumed that they left to hunt the night guard. As he stood up, he noticed that the entire pizzeria was silent, usually he would hear footsteps, someone entering the vents, or Toy Foxy's static, he brushed it off, thinking that it was just an inactive night. As he opened the door and entered the main hall, he noticed that it was completely empty, usually Toy Chica or Toy Foxy would be here, again, he brushed it off.

As he entered Party Room 3, he noticed that every party room was empty, even the hall outside the office, he was confused, Foxy only ever stays in P/S, or the hallway.

Freddy became worried, he frantically checked the vents, they were empty, he checked the office, it was empty.

Freddy was in complete shock, he checked the stage, non of the toys were on it, he checked Kid's Cove, it was empty.

Freddy was terrified, he was completely alone.

He couldn't leave, his map only allowed him to be in the pizzeria.

Freddy fell to the ground, and started to shake.

He looked around, he wanted to do something but he couldn't, everyone was gone, there's no way he could fix this.

Freddy silently sobbed, before looking at the prize corner.

And then, an idea came to him.

"I'm not alone!" Freddy said.

He stood up, and began to walk towards the prize corner.

"I-i have you!" Freddy said, as he picked up the Freddy plushie.

"Yes you do, friend!" Freddy pretended that the plushie said something.

"I-i have all of you!" Freddy said to all of the plushies.

"Yes you do, friend!" Freddy pretended that the plushies could talk to him.

A few hours pass...


Freddy giggles.

"You're so funny, Foxy!" Freddy said to the Foxy plushie he was holding.

"Arrr me matey! I'll make you walk the plank!" Freddy pretended that the Foxy plush said that in a pirate voice.

Freddy giggles.

"I'm so happy that we'll be friends forever!" Freddy said to all of the plushies.

"WE'RE ALL HAPPY TOO!" Freddy shouted, pretending that the plushies all said that at once.

A few days pass...


Freddy was playing with the Bonnie plush, and the plush of himself.

The Bonnie plush falls onto the ground.

"Haha! You're so clumsy, Bonnie!" Said Freddy.

"Yeah! you're clumsy!" Said the Freddy plush.

Freddy jumps up.

"W-what?!" Freddy muttered.

"I said, Bonnie's clumsy!" Said the Freddy plush.

Freddy didn't recall making the plushie say that.

"H-how?" Freddy muttered.

"What's wrong, friend?" The Freddy plush said.

Freddy rubs his eyes, before sitting back down.

"Nothing... friend" Freddy said.

"Good" The plush replied.

A few hours pass...


Freddy was having a blast with his 'friends' he was amazed that they could talk!

"Alright guys, what should we do next?" Said Freddy, after playing a game of hide and seek.

"WE SHOULD PLAY TAG!" Said the Chica plush.

"Alright!" Said Freddy.

Freddy screamed not it.

Bonplush screamed not it.

Chicplush screamed not it.

Foxplush screamed not it.

Fredplush looks at the other plushes.

"Aright!" Fredplush said.

Freddy and the other plushes ran off.

And this is where i lost interest.

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