Five Nights At Freddy'sEdit

1. What is the name of the Nightguard you are playing as?

2. How many animatronics are in the Pizzaria?

3. What year does this game takes place in?

4. Did the Phone Guy get killed here?

5. Did the Bite of 87' happened in this game?

6. Is Golden Freddy a hallucination?

7. What Camera is the room "Supply Closet"?

8. Are there vents here?

9. How many nights are here?

10. Can you customize the A.I of Golden Freddy?

Five Nights At Freddy's 2Edit

1. Who lives in the Prize Corner?

2. Is this a prequel or a sequel?

3. What is the name of the Nightguard you are playing as?

4. Did the Phone Guy mention the "Fredbears Family Diner" in one of the phone calls?

5. Unscramble this word: dFrdy zaFebar

6. Now, are there doors here?

7. What animatronic(s) live in the Parts and Service room?

8. Is Golden Freddy a hallucination again?

9. What year does the game take place?

10. What is the fanmade name of the killer?

Five Nights At Freddy's 3Edit

1. Are the phantoms actually real animatronics?

2. How many real animatronics are here?

3. What is the name of the location here?

4. Are there minigames here?

5. How many nights are there?

6. Name the cameras that view the vents.

7. How do you fend off Spingtrap?

8. Is FNAF 3 the last game in the series?

9. Is it a Pizzaria or a horror attraction?

10. Is Golden Freddy here?

Bonus QuestionsEdit

1. Is Foxy a Good Guy?

2. Presumably, what animatronic(s) occupied Fredbears?

3. Name all the minigames.

4. Who is the victim of the Bite of 87?

5. Who is the one who caused the Bite of 87?

6. What is the popular name of Balloon Boy?

7. Does Chica like pizza?

8. Name the hallucinations from FNAF 2.

9. What is the name of Phone Guy?

10. Is Phone Guy present in FNaF 3?


0- 2: Do you even FNaF?

3- 6: Well, you have a lot to know about FNaF.

7- 10: Now thats better.

11- 17: You are an average guy at FNaF.

18- 25: Noice! You are a veteran at FNaF.

26- 35: Woah! You are a FNaF veteran that almost knows everything about it!

36- 40: Okay, okay. Stop right there! We must send you to the Facility of Five Nights at Freddy's Geniuses!


1. The Ultimate Dude: 39

2. ThatPersonDownYourStreet: 38

3. Springy Boy: 34








Thank you for taking the test!

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