Foxy is a good guyEdit

Guys, please, stop with this dumb theory! You know what, I'm just going to tell you why this theory is not true!

1. People think Foxy's voice box is broken, which is the reason why he screams, this in fact, is not true, as he can perfectly sing "dum dum dum" [or whatever he is singing], so this disproves this theory.

2. Seriously, Foxy coming to check on you? Lots of people believe this fact, as when you don't check on him, he comes to you! If you always check on him, he thinks your paranoid? Wake up, guys! Whoever made this theory is dumb as a turtle which was shot, meaning that the turtle cannot think anymore!

3. Ok, Foxy, hugging you? See, his mouth is open, so he could've bit your face off! So, this is really fake, please, do not believe this theory, it is really dumb!

Consider this theory debunked!

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