Freddy: Hello there, fellow animatronics and Nightguards! Since this is the very first episode of Freddy's Talk Show, we have a very special guest! Our guest will be, my Golden friend, Golden Freddy!

  • Golden Freddy walks out the curtains

Golden Freddy: Hello, Freddy!

Freddy: Hello, there. So, anyways, what are your thoughts about FNAF shipping?

Golden Freddy: I simply hate shipping. Have you saw that fan-art when they shipped me and you? It was horrrible!

Freddy: They shipped me and you?

Golden Freddy: They did!

Freddy: Who made that fan-art?

Golden Freddy: I don't know.

Freddy: Anyways, you have a brother right?

Golden Freddy: It's Springtrap.

Freddy: Okay. So, what do you think about lil' Balloon Bitch?

Golden Freddy: Balloon Bitch is a bitch.

  • ba dum crash

Freddy: Anyways, we have to end the show here! Bye, Golden Freddy!

Golden Freddy: Bye bye, Freddy.

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