Hello, random person who stumbled across this blog! Here, in this blog post, I will share my ideas if Five Nights At Freddy's was 3D. Share your ideas in the comments! Also, I will be setting rules in the comments.


  • No swearing. Just censor the words like F*ck or Sh!t.
  • Keep the comments revelant to the subject. If you comment like this: "Bacon is kewl" please do it in my message wall.
  • No sexual content please (except ass).
  • Please, no knock knock jokes.

Mechanics for all gamesEdit


You can't move.

You can't eat the hotdog or drink the, whatever is in the cup.

You use the monitors for checking the animatronics (which are other players).

If an animatronics reaches your room, you have a none to slim spxhance of surviving.

Conserve as much power as possible, because I added power to the second and the third game.

You can go on Third-person mode to see yourself!

If you win, you earn coins which you can use to customize your nightguard.


You have limited movement. The percentage of movement you have depends on the night.

Night 1: 100% Movement.

Night 2: 150% Movement.

Night 3-4: 200% Movement.

Night 5: 250% Movement.

Night 6: 300% Movement.

Custom Night: Depends.

You can recharge your movement by standing still.

By pressing a button, you can hack the cameras, but using your movement as power.

(This is a W.I.P, you can help.)

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