Dear Diary,Edit

It's a very good day today! I stuffed the Nightguard and didn't get blood on me! Also, the kids we're very pleased because of me! <3 But, they booed Freddy and Bonnie. I found this 🎩on the floor. I think it belongs to Golden Freddy because of the line. I gave it to him and he said "Thanks." and I said "You're welcome, friend!" and I walked away. Toy Chica called me fat today so I dry- humped Toy Bonnie and she cried in the corner and I said "Take that, Toy Chica!" and she continued. Anyways, I overheard the Toy Animatronics talking to say that next month, they will be doing a diary! More people joining the diary band wagon! Anyways, that's about it! Bye bye, Diary!

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