Dear Diary,Edit

Did I get that date right? Ok, I did, so I stole Bonnie's pizza and he actually found out, so he got revenge which you can check out on his Diary and yes, I peeked on his diary for a bit. I found out that Foxy and Toy Chica, you know, masturbated in the, stove? Yeah, in the stove. Toy Chica calls me ugly all the time and for revenge i masturbated with Toy Bonnie for masturbating with Foxy. Oh, and I stuffed the Nightguard today, so yay for me! Right, guys? No? Yeah, it's creepy because the blood, it just flows around the suit, you know? Well, I think I have those lovely kids to entertain, so I can't wait! <3 So, I think they're calling us now, so I have to end this entry! Bye, Diary!

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