Dear Diary,Edit

Now, Freddy thinks his diary is better than mine, so, I shall declare war on Freddy, then. I'm going to clean this diary to make it better, now. Anyways, Chica took my Pizza again, so I spilled water on every pizza in the Pizzaria and she said "No!" and I said "You made me do this, now suffer!" and she cried in the backstage for a day. I said "Sorry, Chica." and she said "It's Ok.". Well, Foxy and Freddy are against me now, so I might have to hide from them for a bit, just to make sure that they don't get me. Well, it's 6 AM so, I have to end this entry here. Oh wait, it's 5 AM still, so I still have time to righ- dammit, the power is out! I can't see! Oh well, I'm going to end this already.

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