Hello my jolly chaps, we will talk about all the animatronics today, as you can tell people have been theorize them for quite sometime, but I believe to have found the awnser to many people's questions. I will share them all with you.

Freddy himself was made to be a bootleg ripoff of Chuck E Cheese, another animatronic furry. This was because Fazbear Enterament was too stupid to come up with their own ideas.

Bonnie was made to have eyebrows, because Fazbear Enteraiment was high.

Chica was made to mock fat people. this was because Fazbear Enteraiment was a bunch of assholes.

Foxy was put out of order because of stupid people dressed in wolf coustomes tried to fuck him.

Golden Freddy was made to be a special animatronic, but was scrapped due to being a stupid idea.

Toy Freddy was mean't to Steve from Minecraft, but 12 year olds complained and they changed him.

Toy Bonnie is a crossdresser, this could explain it's eyes and bowtie.

Toy Chica was made by some horny furry who worked for Fazbear Enteraiment.

BB is a cunt.

The Puppet was a bootleg muppet, they decided to make him bland as possible for some reason.

Springtrap was tripping balls, he thought you were a sexy pickle and tried to fuck you. Thats why he grins, because he is happy to tickle the pickle.

People desgined Mangle so badly, stupid 12 year olds tour it apart and now people can't tell what gender it is. This caused angry 12 year olds to debate it, it still hasn't been awnsered to this day.

And in even more legit news, a interview of Scott Cawthon was leaked onto the internet. It can be found here.

I hope you enjoyed my legit theories, if you don't like them then go suck my dong biscut burger.

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