• BB The Enragement Child

    Hello everyone it's your favorite MLG BB, today we will play the I'm Done Drinking Game. Be sure to use non-alcoholic drinks and be ready to call 911. Alright! Here are the rules!

    1. Take a shot everytime someone says:

    "Unfortunately due to the recent hackings I am afraid that my account to will be caught by the hackers.

    Until Wikia is certain that the hackers have been dealt with I will be taking a short leave of absence from this wiki for a little while."

    2. Take a shot when someone askes why is everyone saying the exact same thing

    3. Take a shot when someone changes the title yet says the same thing

    4. Take 2 shots when some one makes a parody of it, for example:

    "Unfortunately due to the recent hackings I am spooked that my account to will be…

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  • BB The Enragement Child


    August 2, 2015 by BB The Enragement Child

    Just why.

    (No offense to the author of this story. This is a joke picture.)

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  • BB The Enragement Child

    1. BB The Enragement Child (shocker I know)

    2. Turio

    3. Jimi56

    4. Dismantled Foxy The Pirate

    5. Reverse456

    6. Mich2B

    7. Mr. Mark Twain

    8. Bed Head zed

    9. GlitchMatrix09090099

    10. CreativityFlows

    11. Goldeaglefire

    12. The Ultimate Dude

    13. Phantom bare endoskeleton

    14. Lycaon Pictus

    15. Bonnie The King Bunny

    16. Richard2005

    17. Adagio Dazzle 2.0

    18. Female Foxy 1987

    19. HMS Victory a ship

    20. Cloverfudgegirl

    21. Nordscleifer

    22. Lava1789

    23. ToadPerson

    24. Lapis Lazulli

    25. TreeRexisAwesome19

    26. HTFCuddles

    27. DoesItLooksLikeCare




    Balloon Boy Dedicated Mall , from the same person who made the Balloon Boy's Battery Shop has now opened, and is filled with amazing rides for all the little kiddes to enjoy, and you can suggest new shops to be built and the stuff …

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  • BB The Enragement Child

    This is a theory.

    Remeber those 4 kids from that Night 5 minigame, they all were masks, each mask represents each the original FNAF animatronics, (Freddy, Bonnie, Chica, and Foxy) and there are nightmare animatronics of the original FNAF animatronics.

    So here is the theory. The nightmare animatronics represent the 4 kids who placed your character into Fredbear's mouth. And Nightmare Fredbear represents, well, Fredbear, and Plushtrap... I don't know.

    The game is about the child (possibly the victom) is on life support after getting his head crushed, and having nightmares about what happened at Fredbear's. The nightmare animatronics are the 4 kids who placed him into Fredbear's mouth in the first place, and Fredbear is the one who crushed the k…

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  • BB The Enragement Child

    Hello my jolly chaps, we will talk about all the animatronics today, as you can tell people have been theorize them for quite sometime, but I believe to have found the awnser to many people's questions. I will share them all with you.

    Freddy himself was made to be a bootleg ripoff of Chuck E Cheese, another animatronic furry. This was because Fazbear Enterament was too stupid to come up with their own ideas.

    Bonnie was made to have eyebrows, because Fazbear Enteraiment was high.

    Chica was made to mock fat people. this was because Fazbear Enteraiment was a bunch of assholes.

    Foxy was put out of order because of stupid people dressed in wolf coustomes tried to fuck him.

    Golden Freddy was made to be a special animatronic, but was scrapped due to b…

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