Hello again, yes it is me.



Mangledmeddlingmetal, Subaruwu and Rebun:The Cow Rebellion

LookatmelegotaKey:The reasonable one

Subaruwu:The moth

Kosh Naranek:The one who's name is really hard to remember

LochNessOtter, the one who's just joined.

HTFCuddles, the one who's just joined as well.

Mangled shot the thing with her moth blaster.Now it was a giant moth.Subaruwu called his trusty assistants, HTFCuddles and LochNessOtter, who were trying to fit lamps into their mouths.

"Meep meep."


"Loch, you're not supposed to bite it!"

"Shut up!"


Rebun got angry at Subaruwu and ate him.Mangled tried to eat Rebun for eating Subaruwu but it was really just hurting her teeth.So she used her cricket bat instead.

"Braa!I'm Tobuscus."

Mangled stared daggers at Rebun.But Sanic stole her eyes so she threw daggers at him instead.

"I'm a cockadoodlee."

Subaruwu was soon...well, he was still alive at least.


"Haha.Malfunctioning, broo-tss-bbeee-gnjdbueb-bruuuuu...."

Mangled threw herself off a cliff for good luck.

"Loch, you did it again!"


Rebun went to his secret base which was a freezer in BB's stomach.He built a Lamp God who rapped Lamp God (copyrighted by Snoop Higa) but he got sued and Mangled was the judge.

"Ha!Look who did it now!"

"Quiet, Loch!"

HTF flew to court and broke his knee because of old age.Dr. Naranek diagnosed him with VVVV, a rare disease who says Meep.

It turned out Subaruwu is the disease VVVV who is inside HTF.So Rebun nuked the Earth.

And everyone moved to Saturn.

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