aka The Egg Emperor

  • I live in In your deepest, dankest nightmare
  • I was born on August 15
  • My occupation is turning the world into an egg.
  • I am hunting you down.
  • AwesomeHydra999


    Pokemon so far:

    Lanche the Aron

    Mercury the Nidoran female (dead)

    Smore the Swinub (dead)

    Pudging the Wynaut (dead)

    Noot Noot the Piplup (dead)

    Starter choice was between Aron, Slakoth, and Volbeat.

    Seedot with Magma Storm scared me shitless.

    Burmy with Sacred Fire and Budew with Draco Meteor...

    Mercury died to a Seedot's Magma Storm.

    Got a Swinub called Smore, and then it died to another Swinub's Night Slash.

    Got a Wynaut called Pudging, then it died to a Chinchou.

    Got a Piplup called Noot Noot, and then it died to a Seedot's Ominous Wind/Magma Storm combo.

    I'll update as things go on

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  • AwesomeHydra999

    We all settle it here. Leave a vote and I'll put it up.

    BEST GAME, STORY WISE: (The choice currently winning will be in capital letters)

    Red and Blue (0 votes)

    Yellow (0 votes)

    Gold and Siver (0 votes)

    Crystal (0 votes)

    Ruby and Sapphire (0 votes)

    FireRed and LeafGreen (0 votes)

    Emerald (0 votes)

    Diamond and Pearl (0 votes)

    Platinum (0 votes)


    Black and White (0 votes)

    Black 2 and White 2 (0 votes)

    X and Y (0 votes)

    OmegaRuby and AlphaSapphire (0 votes)


    Red and Blue (0 votes)

    Yellow (0 votes)

    Gold and Silver (0 votes)

    Crystal (0 votes)

    Ruby and Sapphire (0 votes)

    FireRed and LeafGreen (0 votes)

    Crystal (0 votes)

    DIAMOND AND PEARL (1 vote)

    Platinum (0 votes)

    Black and White (0 votes)

    Black 2 and White 2 (0 v…

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  • AwesomeHydra999

    I forgot to do one of these when I started, so now I'm late.

    Well, that's a bit...


    1st Day:

    Mareep, lvl 14 (called Sock)

    Elekid, lvl 10 (called Wattack)

    Magnemite, lvl 11 (called ScrewdOver, wow, what a good pun)

    Badges: Basic, Toxic

    2nd Day:

    Sock evolved, and I trained him up to level 27.

    Wattack was my saviour for beating Burgh's Leavanny, he paralysed him to let ScrewdOver to finish him off, he's also level 27.

    ScrewdOver is the foundation of the whole team, taking down Burgh's Leavanny and Elesa's Emolga, mainly because he had Magnet Bomb, level 27 aswell.

    I got an Eevee (after looking for half an hour after running from one) and called him Sparkbark (I know, it's a crap name) and evolved him to Jolteon, also a good part of beating Elesa…

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  • AwesomeHydra999


    August 16, 2016 by AwesomeHydra999

    I missed out on 6,666 edits...

    BY 7!


    Meh, I'll do something else...

    LIKE A Q/A!


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  • AwesomeHydra999


    August 15, 2016 by AwesomeHydra999

    It's my birthday


    This is the part where I would give you guys a funny link or some shit

    But I honestly dont feel like doin-

    Nah JK

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