I thought I'd share my email I wrote to Scott, thanking him.

Dear Scott,      

   I hope greatly that you will find the time to read this email. There is so much I want to share with you, but the first I simply want to thank you.   

   You have inspired me tremendously in many ways. It started with the fact that you are a Christian, and you don't hide it, but rather embrace it. I know Jesus told us we are going to be persecuted for our beliefs, and I can tell you that's true, but I've never lost faith. To see an individual in a position such as yourself, and to watch you grow into something successful (which you deserve), and still keep a steady head and stay faithful is something that you just don't get to see everyday. It made you different, and it made you my first role-model in gaming.   

    Not only this, but I've seen you grow as a single, indie developer over the years. You started with some ideas, and you had some hurtful criticism along the way, but you gave it one last chance, and I am so glad. Scott, you have done what so many of us dream of because you didn't give up and you stayed true to yourself this whole time. You told yourself your games were going to be scary, but they were not going to curse, or have a ton of blood and guts. Games and games later, you didn't break that rule for us. I'm so proud of that.     

   Then, when you donated all that money on Dawko's live stream charity for St. Jude's, I bawled. I was so proud. After all of this, you surprised us all with your generosity. I was so proud, and I had just had my fourth foot surgery the day before, I got on my crutches and went to my family crying, telling them what my role model had done.     

   The way you interact with us is absolutely amazing. I wanted to let you know that your games have changed my life. Thanks to you, I met my best friend and she's been an amazing supporter. I wanted to thank you for everything you've done. You're truly an amazing person. You have made such a difference, and I will always support you. Thank you so much.                                                                 

--Michelle "Mitchie" Davidson

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