I have decided that I'd share with you all...a small collection of FNaF Puns I have come up with over a certain period of time in the best Wiki chat in all of existence...In a story. Enjoy.

Welcome to your new job at Fazbear's Fright! You'll be starring aaas...The security guard!


As you can see, you have a desk with a few things on it. Now, as a security guard, you can only eat pizza and sip on the securi-tea. You should be aware of the bad electrical systems in this building. Wire electrical jobs so hard? Now, uhm, I'm sure you have some burning questions, but let me assure you...This job is not nearly as alarming as you might think. Now, uh, if something does go wrong, you'll probably be taking the heat for it. Fires are actually a real risk here,,,heheh... You shouldn't get fired. We haven't found a whole lot of stuff for the attraction yet. Like, I hope we do soon so this place doesn't, you know, burn out.

Anyways, working here should be a real adventure. You're gonna see some crazy stuff, man. You have to keep that air blowin! I'm not a big fan of it, but it's all we got. Just keep you ducts in a row. I'm not just blowing hot air. Seriously, dude. Be careful.


Hey, Hey! I found some awesome audio tapes from the old diner. There are, like, prehistoric! Take a listen!

Uhm, Hello? Hello, Hello? Welcome to your new job as a performer/entertainer at Freddy Fazbear's. This is a tutorial on how to get in/get out of the spring animatronic suits. 'Sew far, employees have had no trouble with these suits. We urge you to be careful, for Fazbear Entertainment is not responisble for any injuries or death. Law suits will not be filed upon any case of such a thing. If you'd like to leave now, Suit yourself. Now, these suits are stiff, so you tend to get locked up while working in them. The animatronics get a bit cranky if you don't wind them up completely with the manufacture hand crank. If you fail to do this...let's just say you'll be caught red-handed. To get trapped inside really drains' the life out of you. Heh...

We're very glad you have applied for this job. We've been looking for new blood. You are the new face of Fazbear's so always B-Positive. We wouldn't want any bad blood between us. As a matter of fact, this new job should really put a spring in your step. I know wearing a suit now will be hot, but it gets better in the fall and spring.

Lock and load! Hop to it! You're not getting paid to sit there. And remember to smile! You are the face of Fazbear's Pizza.

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