aka undertale crack compilation

  • I live in Just, don't look under your bed plz thnx.
  • I was born on January 18
  • My occupation is Makin edits!!!!! And trying to keep this wikia awsome!!! LOLOLOLOL!!!! (why did I add this in?)
  • I am Fat Albert
  • Agentpman1

    Hi! I'm agentpman1! I'm going to tell you about my top 10 favorite animatronics/characters. This list will include characters from all the games. So lets begin!

    P.S. There might be only ONE fan made character. But it's my list so lol.

    To start of, we have Purple guy! He is the one who murdered the 5 children. His real game appearances are cool.(Especially in Fnaf 3.)But the one that made him on the list is the fan made one made by RoXo1987. But since he killed the childern, he's only #10. 

    Ok. Lets go on with the real stuff. Withered Freddy is so awesome! I mean look at him! He's evil, with fancy clothing! That's what i call a villian! However, his gmod ragdool could've looked better. Also, his blocky head, and bigger snout makes him even mor…

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