• Aeropulserj9

    == Why Spring Trap isn't the endoskleton.

    ==Basically, I was watching a video that tells you about the endoskleton from the second game. On the last fact, it says that the endoskleton is back with a suit. And that is wrong for the endoskleton was inside the Puppet's box the entire time while Spring Trap was put away in a safe room.(Also Spring trap already has a endoskeleton)

    Then let's judge its looks.

    Spring Trap is like an old, golden version of Bonnie so he has some rabbit like ears, meanwhile, the endoskeleton has the ears like Foxy but the jaw isn't like anyone. So who does the endoskeleton belong to? Many people believe it is Golden Freddy, but sadly, it turned out to be false, because of you look at him in the second game, he already …

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