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  • 87fnaf

    My friend was Playing my Fnaf 1 and it was a bit buggy. He could not pull down the camera so he was stuck like this until the power ran, then the weird stuff happend..... the "camera system and static", as my friend stated, stayed on the screen but the office was visible. Freddy's jingle played and 5 second later, Freddy appeared. You could hear a Jumpscare scream, but didn't see the jumpscare, similar to Bonnie's Bug.

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  • 87fnaf

    1. Check on Freddy and Foxy

    2. Wait to 95% or 90% and start checking the hall lights, close door if nessesary

    3. Before putting up the monitor, close the right door so Freddy wont get in.

    nessesary power left:

    1AM: 80%

    2AM: 60%

    3AM: 40%

    4AM: 20%

    5AM: 5%(if the power runs out, wait. If you are lucky, it should be 6AM before Freddy attacks.)

    If it helps, You're welcome :)

    If not, please help me improve for everyone struggling!

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  • 87fnaf

    I dont have photoshop so can someone remove the hue of the main colors of these pics4

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  • 87fnaf

    My tumblr!

    May 16, 2015 by 87fnaf

    If any1 wants to follow me on tumblr go ahead here is a link:

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  • 87fnaf

    A Fan-Made Chica Teaser Fnaf 4 i found

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