Looks like FNaF 4 is coming!

Scott posted this: iMUIoFI.jpg on his site a while ago, and I thought I'd take the liberty to do some editing to look for some messages.

I found out these facts:

  1. It's Freddy
  2. It's Freddy's hat he's holding. (I thought it was a mouse trap at first.)
  3. 31st of October... Release date, I suppose?
  4. Um... Mini Freddy heads? ...Creepy.

And then I looked a little harder and saw this.


Yup. I've rewrote it in red, but... yeah. "Nightmare"... That's never a good thing.

Who else is looking forward to what FNaF 4 will introduce? (Apart from nightmares. *shudders* That goes without saying.)

EDIT 8/05/15:

Bonnie joins the crew again, it seems.

Scott's new image: o2GsWH1.jpg shows a picture of Bonnie, no heads this time, but with the same freakishly sharp claws. Brightening the image: iiM4HWr.png shows nothing new, no hidden messages except the weird light squiggles. The caption though... 'Was it me?', That's actually pretty creepy. Bite of '87, anyone? Honestly, it could be, with those shar(p teeth. Besides, we don't even know when it's set.

It looks like the animatronics are getting less cute (the originals), or plastic (the toys) and just... mechanical.

I'll keep updating this post to the latest images, most likely Chica next. Who else thinks that Foxy is going to scare the living daylights out of us?

EDIT 18/05/15:

And here's Nightmare Chica. laN0Jfs.jpg No new hints: nGprazo.jpg, apart from the fact that the cupcake has teeth :D. Totally not scary at all. I reckon Foxy will be revealed next week. Can't wait to see what Scott has for us.

EDIT 20/05/15:

I made a mistake! I was screwing aroung with the photo, and further editing revealed this (Red is visible, blue is assumed):ykvy6cf.jpg

Nightmare again.

That's all though, and I'll edit for Foxy when he comes out.

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