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    FNaF 4

    May 2, 2015 by 12th Ghost

    Looks like FNaF 4 is coming!

    Scott posted this: on his site a while ago, and I thought I'd take the liberty to do some editing to look for some messages.

    I found out these facts:

    1. It's Freddy
    2. It's Freddy's hat he's holding. (I thought it was a mouse trap at first.)
    3. 31st of October... Release date, I suppose?
    4. Um... Mini Freddy heads? ...Creepy.

    And then I looked a little harder and saw this.

    Yup. I've rewrote it in red, but... yeah. "Nightmare"... That's never a good thing.

    Who else is looking forward to what FNaF 4 will introduce? (Apart from nightmares. *shudders* That goes without saying.)

    EDIT 8/05/15:

    Bonnie joins the crew again, it seems.

    Scott's new image: shows a picture of Bonnie, no heads this time, but with the same freakishly sharp claws. …

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  • 12th Ghost

    I made this theory awhile ago, and put it onto a discussion, but thought I'd put it here too.

    The background facts:

    1. We know Purple/Phone Guy dies in the 1st game

    2. Purple/Phone Guy does not use in-game mechanics (all the animatronics 'killed' him at once)

    3. The souls of the children (and possibly their bodies) inhabit the 'original four' animatronics and the Puppet

    The theory:

    1. When Purple/Phone Guy figured out he was going to die, he attempted to escape (and succeeded) via the right door, bypassing Chica and/or Freddy, and heads to the East Hall Corner, Dining Area and Restrooms (CAM 4B --> CAM 4A --> Opposite side from CAM 1B --> CAM 7) before eventually reaching the safe room (next to the restrooms, behind the camera). This assumes that …

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