This article contains content that was not used in the first, second, and third games' final release. All of these files can be found in the game's files and the trailer.

Game Mechanics


In the beta version, there was a life meter that would presumably limit the player's times of playing before they received the game over screen. However, this mechanic was not used in the final version of the game. Video footage of this feature can be found here.
Life icon

The life icon.

Beta Monitor Map

The Monitor's early design shows different buttons for the camera. The camera icons were small circles with cones pointing in the direction they were facing. These cones may have indicated the camera's field of vision. They would turn green and become slightly larger when selected. Also some cameras were placed in slightly different locations.



Bonnie run trailer

Bonnie running in the trailer. (animated)

In the trailer, Bonnie had the ability to run. However, Bonnie does not run in the final game. Foxy was given this ability, and Bonnie was given the ability to teleport into any room along his path except for The Office.

Bonnie Says Hi

Bonnie taking his mask off.

Bonnie is also shown removing his mask to reveal his endoskeleton. None of the animatronics do this in the final release of the game. It is unknown if this was actually a scrapped idea or just for the trailer's purpose.


  • The Backstage's camera was originally beside/behind the door, as indicated by the monitor pictures.
  • The camera from the Kitchen was originally on the same wall as the door, pointing out directly into the center of the room.


Toy Chica

There is a texture of Toy Chica from the game files staring at the player with glossy-black eyes and lacking her beak and eye-lids. Her unused texture would have act similar to Toy Bonnie while using the Freddy Fazbear Head upon seeing her from the air vent.

The Puppet

There is even an unused texture of the Puppet's full body along with the marionette-like control and strings attached.

Game Mechanics


Just like the first game, there is an unused Lives mechanic. There is a small bar that says "Lives" and a pixel stick-figure of a person with their arms outstretched.



Toxicity Meter

There is a strange, empty meter in the game's files which is labeled only as "toxic." It is unknown if this was meant to be used in the main game or one of the Death Minigames, nor is there any idea of what it was meant to do.



Strange Skull

There is a strange image in the game's files which appears to depict part of a skull's face. The upper teeth are visible, with black streaming from the only visible eye. It is unknown what this was supposed to be used for.


"Seal Vent" Button

SealVent button

Within the games files, it is possible to find an unused button with the text "Seal Vent" on it. This button was likely going to be used to seal the vents, but in the final game it was replaced with double clicking the vent camera.

7th Night


Found in the game files, there is a texture for the game's scrapped 7th night.

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