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Twisted Freddy is a character in the novel Five Nights At Freddy's: The Twisted Ones, one of the main antagonists of the book, and one of the four twisted animatronics. He is the monsterous, and more hideous incarnation of Freddy Fazbear.


Twisted Freddy resembles a rounder version of Nightmare Freddy, but much more vicious. His head is fairly large, with enormous jaws with sharp teeth, and an infection-like bubbly growth on his head, right arm and right leg, making him look similar to Nightmare Fredbear. He has blue eyes and massive eye sockets, with a complete lack of eyebrows. Like many of Freddy's counterparts, he wears a black top hat and bowtie. Unlike all animatronics in the series, including his nightmarish counterpart, Twisted Freddy has gums as part of his jaws, as if he were a living creature, despite being an animatronic.

His stomach has a massive, gaping hole, with sharp, metal teeth. Similarly to Nightmare Freddy and his withered counterpart, Twisted Freddy also has tears around his body, as well as missing kneecaps. He has four fingers on each hand with sharp, brown claws.

To people who fear the events that occurred at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, Twisted Freddy bears his aggressive form. To people who loved the pizzeria, however, he causes a hallucination that forces them to see him as a friendly, beloved version of Freddy, most likely attracting them. Once a person gets close enough to Twisted Freddy, he will grab them and place them into his stomach, filled with springlocks, very much like the Spring Bonnie suit.


  • He first appeared on
  • When saving the image, it appears as "Twisted_Freddy.jpg".
  • Created by William Afton
  • Hasn't appeared in any games as of now
  • Has the storage tank the funtime animatronics have, but his is filled with springlocks
  • His primary method of killing is to open is mouth like a snake and eat his victim whole, and if they struggle the springlocks will snap. If they don't struggle he drowns them in dirt
  • When brightening the image, two sets of numbers are revealed: 348002 and 208476. It is unknown what these numbers mean, and what their significance relates to. It redirects to pictures of Twisted Bonnie and Silver Wolf

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