• The most contrivertial fnaf discussion about to be answered. I am not here to give my opinion of what it is, the bite of 83 or 87 in FNAF 4, I am here with proof that differentiates the two.

    Proof: In fnaf 2, the phone guy speaks of Fredbear's Family Diner, giving some insite:

    -Fredbear's Family Diner (FFD), Fredbear himself, and the old spring suits were owned by a seperate company, bought by fazbear entertainment after something happened.

    Proof B: not the same year.

    Phone guy evidence. [FNAF2]

    -He speaks of FFD as past tense, not present tense, and it seems that the weather in FNAF 4 is very sunny. In Utah, (where FFD and FNAF1 takes place, thanks to the book) has standard weather conditions; Sunny in Spring & Summer, Cold in Fall and winter.

    -In the FNAF 4 minigames, there are lots of flowers and the grass is green, this could just be a design choice, but its not. FNAF4 takes place in either summer or spring because he doesn't need to go to school for 5 days, which could either be Spring Break, or Summer Vacation.

    Either way, FNAF2 takes place in november of 1987, so if the bite of FNAF 4 happened in '87, then:

    -How come phone guy doesn't just say the bite happened already? he told Mike Schmidt.

    -How did Fredbears get Shut-down, and find a person willing the buy the name in only 9 months, and the employees discuss it like it's old news. The employees wouldn't be able to talk about it if had happened earlier that year, because FNAF2 would lose business. 

    Proof C: no relevance.

    How is it that if it happened in 1987, and he was bitten by fredbear... how come only the Toy Animatronics were recalled? We know for a fact that fredbear is not a toy animatronic! otherwise Nightmare Fredbear would look like Nightmare BB, shiny but scary! It doesn't add up. The Two bites must be different from eachother. Use Reasoning people, be open to some ideas! listen to the evidence!!!

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    • The Bite of 83 isn't a thing for 4 reasons:

      1. Never mentioned in previous games (I'd think the company would do something to prevent another bite if they had one in the past) thus comes off as forced.

      2. No impact on the story (at least the Bite of 87 disabled free roaming and impacted the plot)

      3. The teasers literally advertised the game as the Bite of 87

      4. How is their a Mangle toy in the minigames and a Nightmare BB in the canon update both of which are based off animatronics that existed only in 1987?

      But hey that's just me.

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    • Slightly Fair points, except...

      It isn't the same company, it was a seperate company that owned Fredbears. Fazbear entertainment wouldn't bother to prevent this issue, because in their minds, they are better than the hometown company. They have state of the art animatronics that have a built in Criminal Database. Its likely that mangle is the culprit of the bite of '87 seeing as only the Toy animatronics were recalled, and only Mangle's mouth can bite a human head. Also... Phone guy states that the '87 bite victim survived the bite, where as we know the Crying Child died because he became either Golden Freddy (or the puppet.)

      Second of all... It has a huge impact on the story, it makes the '83 bite more significant if CC became Golden Freddy ( or puppet. ).

      Third. The Teasers do not point to anything to do with 1987. If you are referring to the multiple 8's and 7's, that is literally the purple man's original color when plugged into a hue machine.

      Fourthly: Mangle existed before 1987, SL which took place around FNAF4, because of the Father setting up cameras to watch his son, to make sure he is safe from his horrid creations. Ever wonder why the Private Room in SL is dirty and uncleaned? its because the father has no use for it once his youngest son died. 

      Good argument though, Star-Scream.

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    • Well met

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    • I am not just saying "F*CK YOU, ALL PEOPLE WHO THINK THAT FNAF 4 IS 1987!".

      I am just saying what I think it is!

      I mean, tomorrow Scott Cawthon could come out with "FIVE NIGHTS AT FREDDY'S: FNAF 4 IS 1987 LOCATION" or whatever.

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    • To be honest I don't care whether it's 83 or 87 I only want a good story

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    • A FANDOM user
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