• If you need to know, I play fnaf on my computer on

    I really need help with this. There are a lot of problems. First of all, I don't get a phone call! Second of all, it said Freddy doesn't move around when the power is on. Well, guess what? I check the monitors, and you know where Freddy is? Backstage. Near the bathrooms. OUTSIDE MY OFFICE DOOR. Well, near it, anyway.

    And when the powerr goes out, I'm so scared I don't even ttouch the computer. Next thing you know, BOOGALLY-BOOGALLY-BOO, HERE'S FREDDY! 'COMIN TO GET THAT ONE GIRL! (I know, he really doesn't say that, he just screams. But that's what I hear.)

    Someone, please tell me what's going on.

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    • Bootleg is what it sounds like.

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    • From what I can tell, everything is working fine. You don't get a phone call after getting it once. Freddy doesn't move on Nights 1 & 2, and he has a rare chance to move on Night 3 - it would be very helpful if you specified what night you're on.

      the second paragraph is entirely normal - that's what's supposed to happen.

      To me it seems like you're just playing a fake version of the game.

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