Salvaging is one of the major mechanics in Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria Simulator. It is an optional section that occurs on each of four nights starting on Monday after the management phase.


As the Cassette Man says during each salvage, each animatronic that can be salvaged was found in the back alley. After the Cassette Man explains what options are open to the player, they can either proceed with the salvage or throw it back into the alley.

If the player decides to throw an animatronic away, the entire phase will be skipped, reducing the chance of a game over. However, doing so will lead to the termination of the player at the end of the game (considered the "bad ending"), as they are reprimanded for failing one of their most important duties.

If the player decides to salvage the animatronic, the cassette player will continue on to the audio prompts, at which point the player will be asked to fill out the salvage report. The player can then choose to tick one of three boxes in the salvage paper: "Yes", "No", or "Unsure". Clicking on one box ticks that box. When the player opens up the salvage report, the animatronic leaves its original position. This can be hard to notice. After the player opens up the salvage report a number of times, the animatronic becomes hostile, therefore the player is equipped with a taser. This can be used as many times as desired. However, if used more than three times, the animatronic's quality starts to decrease, bringing in less money after completion. If a salvageable animatronic has already entered the pizzeria, they will be replaced by a dummy winking at the player, with a sign reading "No one's here. (I'm already inside.)" when the player reaches their salvaging phase. This occurs if the player has bought a specific item with a high risk factor, as the animatronic will be hiding within the purchased item. This may lead to the animatronic to hunt the player before their respective salvage night, and also cause the player to be unable to salvage the animatronic for cash.

Should the player opt to salvage all of the animatronics (or have allowed them all in through other means), the game will continue to the true ending at the cost of a higher difficulty during the management phase due to the ever-increasing number of hostiles roaming the vents.

If the player is not able to successfully salvage an animatronic, they are given a jumpscare from the animatronic they are salvaging. They do not get their salvage payment, and a screen saying "You lost the salvage. And something is loose in your pizzeria..." appears after the initial jumpscare. Failure to successfully salvage an animatronic will not count against the player, should they intend to keep the salvaged animatronic for the true ending, however, they will miss the cash bonus that would have been earned from a successful salvage.

The salvageable animatronics are Molten Freddy, William Afton, Scrap Baby, and Lefty, in that order. Molten Freddy hides in the discount ball pit. William Afton hides in the Nedd Bear animatronic. Scrap Baby hides within a stage. Lefty is a normal Catalog item in the Rare Finds Auction section.


  • The animatronics' attack phases are similar to those of Foxy from first game, Nightmare Foxy from the fourth game, and Funtime Foxy from the fifth game, when in their curtain/closet.
  • If the player chooses to throw the animatronic back in the alley, then the Tutorial Unit will say: "Don't forget Saturday. You will want them all to be in one place."
    • This is a reference to the completion ending, as the player is is charged with the task of salvaging the animatronics in order to bring them all to the pizzeria by the Cassette Man.

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