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  • by the name of BlackFootedFerret.

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    • Response to first post:

      Don't worry about it man, I know the feeling.

      I'm not sure about that one.

      Why would Henry not refer to William as grandfather then in FNAF 6 instead going for 'old friend' which strongly implies no family connection at all. I've got my own idea of what the Shadow Animatronics are and while I can definitely agree that William invented the technology capable of infusing souls into metal which you and I can agree on is the core foundation of the entire series that's about it.

      Scott said the retcon was something that worked seamlessly to the point nobody found it and he also made that post before FNAF 6 was even finished in development which all but confirms the retcon existed prior to that game. Henry has always been the good guy though he possibly has darker secrets waiting to be revealed in the novel universe at least. I do see however looking through the lens of your theories how it would be the logical next step for you but alas therein lies the rub.

      Response to second post:

      Also keep in mind Scott Cawthon himself is credited as author of TFF so besides the occasional typo (or maybe not in your case as you did say that FF was FFP) all of TFF is canon.

      Isn't there, sprite designs seem to change even within the same game. It could easily be a parallel of William's weight loss in the games e.g. pink and fat at the start, purple and slightly fat in FNAF 4, thin and purple in all other instances from then on.


      It makes very little sense for Scott to change literally the entire concept for the main antagonist in the final entry of the story.

      Don't forget TCTTC Purple Guy who is a lighter shade of purple and addressed as a Purple Guy. Miketrap is dead as a dodo I'll give you that one. Nope, Scott congratulated MatPat on his point about William not literally being purple while Michael is literally purple in his Reddit comment.

      Barring the name I agree that 'pink' guy plays an important role. As I said, sprite changes.

      I could accept the Shadow Animatronics being extensions of William in some vein after the details of FNAF 6's Insanity Ending but not the whole '3 Purple Guy thingy.' I can assure you there are other avenues.

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    • But differences aside thank you for clearing up your take on the retcon, looking forward to the AFH now that's cleared up. One other thing though, Lamar's name is just a place holder for the dark-skinned Afton family member in question right because seriously the only reason your theory gets memed to death is because you chose the most unimportant minor character in the novels so clarifying that the name is a placeholder would definitely take the edge off.

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    • I guess we could all use a do-over.

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    • Exactly, a fresh start for us all.

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  • ...CONGRATS ON COMPLETING THE SU FOLLOW UP! It was actually super captivating and definitely made the long wait worth it. You know what, I'm so pleasantly refreshed after that video I might actually give Lamar Afton another shot...I uh make no promises but I feel your ideas on all these beloved stories deserve to be heard at the very least.

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    • Thanks. I'm very glad I could get my master Steven Universe theory out of my head and into a form where others could understand it too.

      I tend to focus like a laser on one item at a time, and while I'm doing it it's hard to multitask. Now that I've finished that theory though, I can concentrate on Horcruxes and Lamar without my focus being divided.

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    • Ah yes, with any luck episode 3 can hopefully bring the 'horcrux' and 'Lamar' theories into a more agreeable light.

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  • I have reason to believe that Nightmare is in fact responsible for the phantoms as well as the system malfunctions in fnaf 3. In fact she herself appears in the form of Shadow Freddy. Remember that there is a lamp from Sister Location in Fnaf 3 right behind the window in the office. In the twisted ones those very same lights are used to emit a strange frequency that effects how people view the twisted/nightmare animatronics based on the predisposition of the person looking at them. We hear that very frequency in fnaf 4, where we hear the garbled and reversed version of the fnaf 1 night 1 phone call. In fnaf 3 that very sound is actually the sound cue we hear when either springtrap gets close to the office or when a phantom is present.

    It appears that Shadow freddy might be helping Micheal. I think this is the case because 1 she doesnt try to kill him right off the bat, and judging by the ennard like wires present all over the building she is controlling all of the artifacts, including the frequency lamp(s). The burnt look is her telling you to burn the building and destroy Springtrap, and finally free her friends. This is why she tries to appear as un-menacing as possible in her current form. This is also why Springtrap cant simply exit the building like Micheal does, because she won't let him.

    Shadow Freddy and the puppet are reunited into one entity after fnaf 3, which is why the puppets mask sinks slower than the other children, she isnt dead yet, but she is whole again. And this is where candy cadets stories, specifically the woman and the 5 trapped children comes into play. In the story the woman melts the 5 keys into 1 to open all the doors, but she ends up dooming all 5 children, It was Shadow Freddy that starts the fire in fnaf 3, she is unable to pass on because the fire failed to destroy springtrap, but it seems that the 5 children and sammy were freed. I can guess that Sammy is free due to Springtraps sudden change in appearance and ability to speak in Fnaf 6, Sammy is no longer there to keep William imprisoned.

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    • I need to read the Twisted Ones again, I didn't identify that the FNAF 3/Sister Location lights appeared in the book.

      The sounds make a little more sense now. I hadn't read into them that deeply before. I'm still trying to figure out why Henry would risk the FNAF 6 protagonist with doing the sound stimuli checks in the first place.

      Shadow Freddy.. helping Michael? Isn't she the one that bit him? Doesn't "Golden Freddy" jumping up in front of Michael's face make for the most horrifying sight out all, because there's part of HIM in that thing?

      There are still a few things I don't quite understand about the phantoms. Why is Foxy missing his hook? If this are halucinations of things Michael expects to see, you'd think the hook would still be there. Although it does support that Michael has seen each of the animatronics the phantoms are based on before.

      Isn't Shadow Freddy basically TRAPPED in Freddy's? She and the others are in the metal cable network, and that's an immobile thing attached to the building. Setting a fire that would surely kill her, or parts of her at least, seems counter-productive.

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    • Even if New Springtrap contains only William, it still doesn't explain why New Springtrap has such a radically different design now.

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  • Have you considered the damage that Reddit troll post might cause to your fanbase?

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    • I don't see how me making a theory could hurt anything.

      Worst case senario, I'm wrong, and I've made a fool of myself. That's my problem, not anyone else's.

      Even if I get something right, it shouldn't inconvience the project. Artists get to decide when to reveal things, and they only do that at the time that's right for them.

      I've promised all my viewers that I'm making Horcruxes, and after wracking my brain working on FNAF theorizing for three years, I'm finally getting a strong feeling about this theory. It might not cover everything, but it covers a LOT of things, and I believe it does make contributions to the community effort to understand FNAF.

      Viewers can learn from what I get right. As well as what I get wrong.

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    • Indeed.

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  • It reaffirmed my interest in the idea that the much loved character of Sans was none other than a version of Frisk from a timeline prior to Gaster's erasure. Naturally, the script is most likely very outdated but I'd forgotten how interesting it was. How much of that is still...relevant out of interest and yes you don't need to worry about including Ness I've decided to properly give such theories another chance having combed through the Earthbound Halloween Hack (Christ that story is dark I almost want to call Undertale its sequel if only to clean my palette of such bleakness).

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    • I should actually creat a link to that old post, I can't believe it's been two years since I wrote this:

      "The Secret of Sans"

      Well, Undertale really hasn't changed significantly since that posting, unlike FNAF which is constantly evolving. So most of what I said there is still good.

      I do believe that Sans/Ness and HumanGaster/DoctorAndonuts traveled to the world of Undertale, and found themselves stuck there. (anyone can enter the Barrier, but its very difficult to leave)

      Doctor Andonuts got Asgore to build him The Core, a mad scientist lair that's complete overkill for anything just designed to generate power, on the promise of finding a way to circumvent The Barrier.

      The first attempt, creating dimensional portals to try and locate a reality where The Barrier doesn't exist, then simply going around it, failed.

      The next plan was to collect monster souls in succifent numbers to equal the power of the 7th human soul, and break The Barrier by force.

      There were two ways of going about this:

      The Very Slow, Ethical(?) way was to try and collect the souls of dying monsters, using determination to prevent them from shattering. This is the plan Asgore asked Alphys to undertake, but failed when the Amalgamates were formed. (It would have failed anyway.. because the reason the Fallen Down Monsters went unresponsive in the first place is that their souls were already stolen)

      But the second option, of gathering a vast amount of power (The Core) and harvesting the souls of almost all the monsters in the Underground, and creating a near-genocide of the entire Monster people, had the benefit of being very fast, and wouldn't take generations to accomplish.

      Realizing that he'd never live to see the slow plan work, Gaster/Doctor Andonuts initiated The Fast Plan, and was willing to sacrifice almost all of Monsterkind just so and Ness could go home.

      Which is why Ness/Sans killed him.

      Sans (and Papyrus, after the patch hints) possessed Gaster Blasters, technology that could have only come from Gaster/Doctor Andonuts. And Gaster talks to two other people in his secret Lab Entry 17. Sans and Papyrus were in the room while he initiated this experiment.

      Ness saved the monsters by killing one of his greatest friends. An act that darkened him, and forever cut off the True Pacifist Ending from his own efforts.

      But Ness thought it still might be possible to drop the Barrier and fix things, if he could go back in time and help an earlier, innocent version of himself achieve The Good Ending.

      So Ness scoured the multiverse for a version of himself that could be the real hero.

      And time and time again he met with diasppointment as versions of himself went bad, the worst becoming possessed by Chara, and having to grit his teeth and fight himself.

      But eventually.. he found one that was up to the challenge.

      Gaster is still out there, though. And he's harvesting monster souls.

      I fear for any monster that decides to stay behind in the Underground after the others leave.

      Like Gifttrot.

      And, especially, Asriel.

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    • That'd be a cool premise for a sequel story with Asriel confronting Gaster.

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    • Starscream1998 wrote:
      That'd be a cool premise for a sequel story with Asriel confronting Gaster.

      Well, I'm convinced that Asriel is indeed staying around. Because not only does he have Chara's original human soul still, according to Gerson the Turtle he's also due to get his monster soul recharged with energy from Asgore and Toriel.

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    • I know, I was there when you made that thread on the Undertale Wiki.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Henry: Now don't be mad at me honey but you have to admit at least in this form you're quite 'sweet'

    Cupcake: -_- If you make an 'eat me out' joke I'm going to help your daughter take over your company.

    William: I just don't understand what I did wrong honey, sure maybe springtrapping his kids was a bit salty of me but if Henry hadn't been so disrespectful...

    Mangle: *unintelligent radio static*

    William: See you understand me my dear, oh how I wish our child would understand the way you do.

    Golden Freddy: My my Charlie, it's a bit snug sharing this suit don't you think


    Golden Freddy: Guess you can't help it, even if I'm just a soul fragment Michael Afton always leaves the girls hungry for more.

    Shadow Freddy:...I'm not sure I want to find and devour the rest of your soul wherever he is, clearly I bit off more than I can chew with just you.

    Spring Bonnie: Is that a spring crank in your pocket or are you just happy to see me Will?

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    • Cute. I wish I was as fast at responding to things as you are. Takes me a long time to fashion a good answer.

      Mangle does show a lot of personality in FNAF 2 though, he/she isn't unintelligent.

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    • Whatever you say man, how have you been I imagine you've been hard at work what with the monumental task of continuing the Ferret Theory after the landscape of the lore has arguably shifted quite dramatically.

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