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2GUe01t.png "Perhaps Some Things are Best Left Forgotten."

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It's all a story of revenge.

The Beginning

There was a man named William Afton. William was a very mysterious man. He had two children named Baby, Michael, and another child who we know today as the Crying Child. Baby was around the age of 10, Michael was around 15, and the Crying Child was around 6. Baby was always a quiet girl who spent most of her time working with her father. Michael, on the other hand, was always bullying his younger brother, the Crying Child by scaring him and making fun of him. But before all of this, William and his partner Henry opened a restaurant together called Fredbear's Family Diner. This was around the 70's, so animatronic entertainment had just started, and not much people had even heard of it yet.

This restaurant featured two full-time animatronics named Fredbear and Bonnie (who we call today Springbonnie). Both of the characters had a gold tint to them, and were about 6 feet tall. But little did people know, that William Afton had a dark secret. A secret of killing children.

The First Generation Ends

William was jealous of Henry. Henry had a wife, and four children. William wanted his own children, but there was no girl that loved him. So, he started to murder children and keep their bodies. One day, a dead body of a child was found in a backroom at Fredbear's. The police were called and the location was shut down. At this point, William had kept his secret to himself and had three children. Then, a new restaurant was opened. This location was called Freddy Fazbear's Pizza.

The Death of Afton.

This restaurant gathered a lot of attention, and hundreds of customers came every week. But, William and Henry weren't the owners anymore. The new owners were Fazbear Entertainment. William did take his children to the restaurant, however. Later, a new version of Fredbear's Family Diner was opened, and still being owned by Fazbear Entertainment. Michael always scared the Crying Child with Foxy, because h was always scared of Foxy. But one day, William took his children to the new Fredbear's, and the Crying Child witnessed something horrifying.

He saw Fredbear murder a child. Turns out, William was going back on his killing spree, and murdering children disguised as Fredbear. After that, the Crying Child was forever scared of Fredbear. Baby, on the other hand, didn't like going to Fredbear's and Freddy's. She wanted to have an animatronic all to herself. So William, being an inventor, made her an animatronic of her own. This character was named Baby, named after his daughter.

But then, William discovered that what he had created was the perfect killing machine. So, he made three more characters. These characters were named Funtime Freddy, Funtime Foxy, and Ballora. Each character contained a special feature. This feature enabled them to open their stomachs and scoop up a child. So, under his house, William created a location of his own. This was called Baby's Entertainment and Rental. The year 1983 comes, and William's location gathers some attention. His old partner Henry even comes to visit with his children. Then, William starts to notice the animatronic Baby acting a little weird around his daughter. So, he bans his daughter from getting close to it. But being the little girl she is, she doesn't listen.

William was going down the elevator to his secret location when he heard a scream. He hurried to the main party room and saw animatronic Baby covered in blood. He looks at her stomach, only to see a shoe hanging out. It was the shoe of his own daughter. The location becomes a scrap yard of extra parts and is forgotten for years. The year 1987 comes, and Fredbear's and Freddy's are still in the game. The Crying Child's birthday is coming up, and William made plans to take his to Fredbear's. Then, the day comes. Michael and his friends bully the Crying Child until he's on the floor crying. Then, they lift him up to give Fredbear a "kiss." As they throw him into Fredbear's mouth, they hear a loud crack. They look up, only to see the body of the Crying Child, hanging out of Fredbear's mouth.

A couple of days later, the Crying Child is pronounced dead. William sits at his desk with his horrifying creation behind him. Michael walks in, only to find the dead body of his father, with animatronic Baby lifting it's hand away from his head.

The Next Generation

Fredbear's closes down after the incident, and Freddy's closes down because of rude animatronic behavior. Then comes 1990, and a new and improved Freddy Fazbear's Pizza is opened. The original characters Freddy, Bonnie, and Chica are redesigned. Foxy, on the other hand, is completely remodeled to

be more "kid friendly" and is made into Funtime Foxy, who is later taken apart by the kids and made into Mangle. There are also two new animatronics introduced, Balloon Boy, and the Puppet. On the flip side, the Crying Child possesses the Puppet and four souls of murdered children possess the other characters. Balloon Boy remains unpossessed.

The new animatronics once again have violent and rude behavior, and the location is shut down. Months later, the location reopens with more "kid friendly" characters. These characters were completely remodeled with plastic and were given bright, rosy cheeks. This version of the restaurant stays open for years. Soon, a night guard is hired. We know him today as the phone guy. Many other night guards are hired, but quit their jobs because of rumors about the location. One night guard, named Jeremy Fitzgerald keeps his job as a night guard, but experiences very strange behavior.

Well, this is it for now. I will make sure to update it every day or as soon as I can!

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