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You can now open the Elevator using that bright, red and obvious button. Let's get to work!

The Elevator is a location in Circus Baby's Entertainment and Rental in Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location. It is the location where the player usually starts.

On every night (Except Night 4), the player presses a red button to exit the elevator, and travel out of the elevator through a vent, which leads to the Control Module.


The elevator is a circular room with reflective metal walls covered in pipework, and only one visible door. The ceiling contains a large fan with a light behind it that casts a rotating shadow on the walls and grated floor.

There is a speaker on the left side of the door, as well as a red button, keypad, and vent on the right. There is a poster of Circus Baby with her Bidybabs on the left side, displaying a text above her saying "CELEBRATE!" and one of Ballora on the right, higher up, displaying text below her saying "DANCE!". Opposite of the Baby poster is what appears to be a set of switches.

There is a yellow HandUnit that will flip up from below once a night when the player starts there. The player uses this keypad to input information to give to HandUnit, such as their name.


  • On rare occasions, the player can see Bidybab appear for a split second in the left or right window before disappearing again.
  • Despite the very reflective appearance of the elevator's walls, there is no visible reflection of Eggs Benedict.


  • The reflections in this area are entirely off, as they do not behave as a real-life reflection, but rather face the same way as the elevator itself.

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