• FuntimeFiona


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  • Jet the Wolf

    He mentioned another animatronic that gave him nightmares.

    I think it's Baby from FNaF SL

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  • FuntimeFiona

    I like this

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  • FuntimeFiona

    A Puppet's Purpose

    October 16, 2017 by FuntimeFiona


    ONE DAY in the new and improved Freddy Fazbear Pizza but it's not really new and improved because like there's 50 freaking locations,Puppet was trying to stalk the nightguard because he's jelly that he's got a Freddy Mask and he does not ship Jeremy FitzFazbear. So he slithers off to the office only to see the nightguard watching CNN on his tablet which is TOTALLY FAKE NEWS!

    So Puppet went to see Toy Bonnie who is toats annoying and plays bad gitar songs. They divise a plan to make WITHERED-B.B HAPPEN!

    But it fails and they all exploded and Puppet realises his purpose.

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  • FuntimeFiona

    I need diet coke

    October 16, 2017 by FuntimeFiona

    Where can I get FNaF sponsered diet coke?

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  • FuntimeFiona

    OK. Please read this.

    October 15, 2017 by FuntimeFiona


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  • FuntimeFiona

    OK. Can we feel sorry for...*whispers* The Puppet?*ducks and runs for cover as FNaF theorists charge after her,all experianced the horrors of The Puppet's appearances in FNaF2*

    COMMENT BELOW WHAT YOU THINK AND WHY!THANK Y-AHHHH!* is thrown off a cliff by angry FNaF fans*

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  • FederalFedora

    ​Hello friends (or enemies qq)

    ​Here on this website, I go by many names, Ja? ChicaThePizza, FederalFedora, DoubleFed, Chica, Fed, Cunt with the earth as a profile picture, cunt with a fedora as a profile picture, or my personal favourite, Herr Doktor.

    ​I'm hereforth retiring from any affiliations I have from this wiki. If you truly really do urgently need to contact me, email

    I had some really good times here. It breaks my heart to see the RP section shut down, but every good thing has to come to an end, right? (I blame you, furries. F*ck you guys.)

    I guess this is the part where I talk about who I'll miss and who I won't. If your name isn't here, don't be brokenhearted. I'm retarded enough to forget.

    Oh boy, this is goin…

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  • FuntimeFiona

    OK. You're probably gonna skip to the actual thing about Ballora. And this is a THEORY of Ballora's past. Now don't hit the comments screaming at me. As I said,this is a THEORY. ​So this is just a fan-theory. THEORY. I exlaim this for I have been endulged with hate about my theories. Enjoy.

    Bella loved ballet. That and Circus Baby's Pizza World. She and her sisters Mini and Reena would go there everyday and marvell at the dancing animatronic,Ballora. She would dance around her,piroetting and swirling. One day,a man named William told her she could dance with Ballora. She asked about Mini and Reena and he told her they were already dancing with Ballora. She went with him. William opened a door and Bella saw her sisters lying dead. She scream…

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  • FuntimeFiona

    Please just tell me I'm not going mad.

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  • Theory of Freddy

    Let’s all collectively band together to help these people whom have been affected with this terrible ailment.these are the users who post such garbage blogs as “Libraries” and “The Greatest Theory You Will Ever Read.” Just donate $500 dollars to , and we can help these poor, suffering shitposters.

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  • FuntimeFiona

    Picky ol' me

    October 13, 2017 by FuntimeFiona

    'Why?Because I am one of them,' Dave said. Ummm. A kid or a animal-dirt-bag?

    Dave looked at Charlia and gasped.'You're something beautiful,aren't you?'. Sure *calls police*.

    Charlie glanced at John,her eyes glistening.'Yeah. I need to go somewhere'. OH MY GOD!JUST TELL HIM YOU LOVE HIM!I'M SICK OF THIS TRAGIC LOVE-STORY!

    'It was his resturant. His life. Of course they though he killed the kids,'Charlie snapped. *sigh*. SCOTT YOU ARE PRACTICALLY RIPPING OFF CSI!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thank you for reading.

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  • FuntimeFiona


    October 13, 2017 by FuntimeFiona

    So,my love of FNaF has taken me over and I have decided to be Foxy for Halloween. And I need help. Serious help. Please suggest Foxy-Costumes for me to look at in the comments as my ideas of Foxy-Cosplay is  a red-shirt and red jeans. HELP ME PLEEEEASE!

    Thanks. Please just help as my friends are coming as other FNaF characters. I do not wanna look liek a sad cosplay.

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  • Theory of Freddy


    October 12, 2017 by Theory of Freddy


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  • Gamingfoxy132


             Chapter 1


    One day at fazbears there a little 

    kid and the kid was scared of 

    fazbear Fazbear was a robot bear

    who entertaind little kids he would

    sing for kids and kids loved him

    but this one kid was scared of fazbear

    because he had what people thought 

    were dreams but they were real and

    the animlelectroncs tried to catch 

    the kid at night and stuff him in 

    to a freddy fazbear suit because 

    they thought people were endoskeletons

    endoskelitons are the skeliton for 

    robots and they though people were 

    endos out of place so they try puting 

    them back anyway back to the main story

    the kid that we were talking about 

    had a brother and his brother was

    really mean to the kid and the brothe…

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  • FredbearGolden


    October 12, 2017 by FredbearGolden

    Entry #4-10-12-17

    I find it hilarious that I've been here "longer" than some users and they have more edits than me XD

    I only have 2,825 edits...XD

    What have I been doing for me to have below 3,000 edits......?

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  • FuntimeFiona

    Well. Over the weekend I was reading The Freddy Files after I ordered it. I finished it in 4 hours and was bored so I was just flicking through the Twisted Ones. But on the part where John comes to take Charlie out for breakfast but she's going back to the mall and then I saw this line.

    Charlie had gazed upon the torn Theodore and told him ,whilst crouched at his level:

    "I will put you back together when I'm done".

    When I'm done. Now this takes me back to an old theory MatPat did where he said the "You" part could mean you 5 or you 4. Extra speech that was deleted from speaking. But the When I'm Done part cahnged this theory.

    Picture the scene.

    William Afton is sat in his dying son's hospital room after being told his son having his frontal lob…

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  • Goldeaglefire1


    October 6, 2017 by Goldeaglefire1

    "How would I describe the Ninety Percent?"



    "This can't be real, right? These words that I am reading can't actually be there, right?"

    Repeated head slamming into wall

    "It's just a fanfic, it's just a fanfic..."

    "Nope! I am officially done! I'm outta here! Goodbye!"

    "...It's basically just me torturing myself with bad fanfiction for people's amusement."


    Now rebooted


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  • LochNessOtter499

    HE-HE-HEY, there buddy-boys and girlies and welcome to another blog post written by me haha. I'm LochNooseOtter here to give you yet another top 10 video that isn't a video but pretends to be a video. 

    Everyone knows Rick and Morty - well, anyone with half a brain cell anyway (¬‿¬) Hahaha amrite guys? Hahaha of course I am. It is a really great show that increases your IQ by at least 10 points for every joke made, granted SOME (less smarterer) people might not fully comprehend such mature humour, as they've been trained by the lizard people to only laugh at childish bathroom humour. My personal favorite characters are Mr. Poopybutthole and Principal Vagina, but that's just me. Wubba lubba dub dub!!!! (That means "I am in constant pain" for …

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  • Theory of Freddy

    We solved it all, wrote down every piece of information we could, decided to waste our time on an animatronic’s gender. So I ask you this: why stay here?

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  • FredbearGolden


    October 1, 2017 by FredbearGolden

    Blog Entry #3-10/1/17

    I doubt anyone will read this.


    What do I gain by doing this?



    Tarnished reputation?

    I don’t know....


    What to do....

    Maybe I should make a autobiography or something?


    That sounds good....

    During the summer of 2016, around the month of July, I began “stalking” the wiki. By that, I mean I was looking through the forums without actually posting or signing up. I was just reading threads. Now, I was no stranger to the wiki; I’ve read some of the characters’ pages, it’s just I started to notice the forums around that time.

    Said threads included one regarding how springlock suits worked and how it disproves Fnaf 4’s bite being the springlock failure incident mentioned in Fnaf 3, which was made by PBEGamming, …

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  • Starscream1998


    September 30, 2017 by Starscream1998

    Because God knows I need somewhere to rant about this lore. Ok so let's start with FNAF 4. Dear GOD this is a bad finale, a piss poor note to end a franchise on (not that it actually ended up being a finale). Scott, you blew away an entire game to show us...A BITE! I don't give a monkey's anus if it's 1987 or 1983 we did not need to see any bite ever, it's got very little to do with the plot which was about dead children and a killer. The Bite of 87 is all the bite we needed, why do we need a second one WHY!? What does that add to the story besides more work for people who actually care about this broken ass timeline? The Bite of 87 was awesome as it was, Jeremy getting bitten by Mangle offscreen it's set up well in FNAF 2 and is given the…

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  • Christakisf


    September 30, 2017 by Christakisf

    Dear men,women and children of this here fandom.We should not fight with each other! We are a fandom,a group,a family! We should work together,to make theories and overthrow other fandoms such as our arch nemesis,(shudder)the undertake fandom.we are one! A unity! And we shall behave like one! WHO IS WITH ME!

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  • Theory of Freddy

    A poem for the wiki

    September 30, 2017 by Theory of Freddy

    Roses are red

    the grass is green

    the wiki is dead

    just like Planet Sheen

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  • Spring Trap3131

    Timeline Theory

    September 28, 2017 by Spring Trap3131

    Fredbear Family Diner Opened With Two Animatronics "Springbonnie And Fredbear" The Place Wasn't That Popular

    However One Year Later

    The Place Gets Very Popular With 100 People Visiting Everyday

    The Place Gets Even More Popular And Opens New A Location Known As "Freddy Fazbear Pizza" Frist Murder Happens At FFP And The Child Who Was Murdered Posseses "Marrionette" (Don't Say CC Is Marrionette Just Becuase MatPat Said It) Then Purple Guy Murders 5 Kids Then Marrionette Gives Them Life So They Can Take Their Revenge From Purple Guy For Killing Them (Bruh) Meanwhile At FFD (Fredbear Family Diner) CC Bully Brother And His 4 Friends Puts CC In Fredbears Jaw (So Fredbear Didn't Did It On Purpose So Its These Teens Fault) And Then Fredbear Jaws Malfu…

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  • Spring Trap3131

    MikeTrap Or Willtrap

    September 28, 2017 by Spring Trap3131

    I think its Will Trap

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  • SpRIngTRaPpEdArT

    The Timeline.

    September 27, 2017 by SpRIngTRaPpEdArT

    Alright. So I am new here but have been in the FNaF community since FNaF 3. I think I found the whole timeline. get some popcorn, ´cause this is gonna take a while...

    1. So we begin (FNaF 4 + Sister Location).

    The first step in the series. It takes place in 1983, in a restaurant called: "Fredbear´s Family Diner". It is a restaurant where kids go to enjoy pizza and celebrate birthdays, with giant animatronics to cheer up the kids.. The restaurant is ran by two colleagues: William Afton and Henry.

    William ran the business´ paperwork and Henry did the animatronics. There were six animatronics in total: Fredbear, SpringBonnie, Freddy Fazbear, Bonnie the Bunny, Chica the Chicken, and Foxy the pirate Fox. 

    William has a family. He had (presumably a …

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  • Thuyenthegreat

    TRIGGER WARNINGS: Inside jokes, jokes about a goat making love with a cavy (another inside joke)



    *Jesus christ, does anyone who read this still use this wiki?*



    When we last left off, DMBY appeared to guide our 4 main characters (as of yet) to the top of Huxley's tower.

    And now back to our regularly scheduled once-a-year comic updates.…

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  • EspeonAsADragon

    i thought i was funny

    September 26, 2017 by EspeonAsADragon

    take my life memeberry throw me into the sun

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  • Jeffrey Penguin






    Oh crap who do I dedicate this to

    Well first off Star, Nam, and Yan. You guys kept me going wild lol.

    And anyone I did stuff with on the F&G board (BDK, FG, Ext.). That definitely gave a boost.

    So thanks to you guys.

    Well that's pretty much it.

    I'll be celebrating by myself. 🎉🎉🎉

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  • FuntimeFiona

    Look at dis thing

    September 22, 2017 by FuntimeFiona

    So I have made a small fanfic

    ONE DAY in freddy fazbears pizza place freddy and and chica were playing cupcake catcha but chica dropped cupcake and cupcake died and chica did CPR to cupcake but it still died and chica hid herself in pirtes cove and foxy yelled at her. "CHICA DIS IS MAH PLACE! MAH PLACE!GET OUT YA DUCKY!" and like a captain america and iron man style civil war broke out between them and on chica's side were BB,Puppet,the nightmares,the toys and the SL crew and Freddy and on Foxy side there was JJ,Bonnie,the phantoms,the withereds and half the FNaF world guys. I say half cuz the others were in Hyper Space being the animatronic cinema sins for Undertale and Gravity Falls.(NOT SPONSERED). So then Scott comes out of nowhere and …

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  • Neilstar007

    About the bite of 87

    September 20, 2017 by Neilstar007

    So a lot of people say the bite of 87 happens at the end of FNAF 4, right? But to quote Phone guy:

    "So, just be aware, the characters do tend to wander a bit. Uh, they're left in some kind of free roaming mode at night. Uh...Something about their servos locking up if they get turned off for too long. Uh, they used to be allowed to walk around during the day too. But then there was The Bite of '87. Yeah. I-It's amazing that the human body can live without the frontal lobe, you know?"

    He was clearly talking about why the animatronics can't roam anymore. But if what happens in FNAF 4  is the bite of 87, why would they stop animatronics from roaming? The bear that bit the kid wasn't even moving around, it was just standing in place like the anim…

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  • CaptainRandomness343

    Fnaf sites

    September 20, 2017 by CaptainRandomness343

    Everyone look at and there are new pictures.

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  • Cyborg Boy


    September 20, 2017 by Cyborg Boy

    Does someone know why chica's article reads nothing

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  • Oceasia

    That awkward moment when...

    September 17, 2017 by Oceasia

    You've been away for months without FNAFing and theorizing and you forget half of what you believe and then you take a look at the wiki and feel like you're new to everything and don't know how to restart making theories. 

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  • FuntimeFiona

    Who likes Foxy?

    September 16, 2017 by FuntimeFiona

    Everyone loves foxy. i love foxy.

    1. respectdafox
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  • Tricakay27

    If Michael does turn out to be Purple Guy/Springtrap in the game universe, then it's only logical that he's not 100% innocent as people started believing after seeing that cutscene. I mean, if he's also the kid we see in FNaF 4 in the Foxy mask, then this could very well be the beginning of a killer, and children can become killers if something is not quite right in their lives. I think that Mike's father didn't give him much (if any) love as he did for his younger children (specially the brother) Sure Mike felt remorse after what he did and realized that what he did was wrong, but even then, he already knew that he went "Too Far" (Get the reference?) We need to think long and hard before jumping to conclusions on whether or not Michael is…

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  • BlackDragonKid

    Join the vacuum army

    September 11, 2017 by BlackDragonKid

    Join the vacuum army.

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  • Shaggytocute

    Phone Guy's name?!?!?

    September 10, 2017 by Shaggytocute

    In FNaF 2, Night 6 we hear that the last event before they close down is a birthday part. But throughout the whole week we see birthday banners and decoration, which means that all messages are pre-recorded. Now on the same night in the last sentences he says that he'll probably take the night shift himself. Also in FNaF 1, Night 1 Phone Guy tells us that he used to work in our office before, and that he knows that it can get a bit overwhelming. So is it possible that we play as Phone Guy in FNaF 2. If that is the case his name is the name on the paycheck. Which means his name is Jeremy Fritzgerald!

    This is just a theory, let me know what you think!

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  • FuntimeFiona

    theory time

    September 7, 2017 by FuntimeFiona

    Whatever Scott wanted us to think has been thrown downhill at soon as this tearer was posted. Scott has baffled us again with his preceps and mindsets.

    Comment below your point of view for this photo.

    Scott really puzzled us with this guy. My first reaction was:Awwww!

    Comment below your point of view.

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  • Santademon

    Back in 2015, I made a blog post titled "FNaF Timeline Theory", in which I described my interpretation of the FNaF canon.

    With a fifth game, and The Freddy Files having been released since then, I thought it would be a good idea to make an updated version of my FNaF timeline.

    Fredbear's Family Diner opens. The only character is Fredbear, who is portrayed by an employee in a costume, rather than an animatronic.

    The first Purple Guy murder occurs right outside the diner, prompting Fredbear's to close down.

    Two Freddy Fazbear's Pizza locations open. A main location, and a secondary location.

    The main location features Freddy, Bonnie, Chica, Foxy, and the spring-suits. The secondary location just has the spring suits.

    Multiple spring-lock failures o…

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  • FuntimeFiona


    September 5, 2017 by FuntimeFiona

    i think springbonnie was an illusion in fnaf 4 minigames

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  • FuntimeFiona


    September 5, 2017 by FuntimeFiona

    so. im takin a break from theories and every day or so i will post a chapter of my fanfic,A Puppet's Purpose. its about da puppet.

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  • Imtheaura

    Im cringing

    September 4, 2017 by Imtheaura

    Whenever I scroll down my message board all I see is CRINGE

    I was here around 2014-2015 before I left, and before that id act pretty childish. Dunno bout you guys, but all I see when I look at anything I posted when I was a kid, is Naivety. 

    If you want to share stories like this in the comments please do

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  • Azboy2004

    that moment when

    September 3, 2017 by Azboy2004

    that moment when people comment on your last post after you leave for another month

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  • FuntimeFiona

    I wanna talk twisted o

    September 3, 2017 by FuntimeFiona
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  • FuntimeFiona

    So by now,most of you might of watched MatPat's newsest theroy about FNaF and the chip-THE CHIP IS IN THE FAN!*cough* sorry about that. But I just wanna talk about SL and the affedt it left on me and other theorists.

    First of all,Night 4. *small crying breakdown* I HATED that night. I only realised you had to wiggle after I died the 4th time. And when Minirena was climbing up my mask I was just : WHAT THE FREAKING HELL IS THAT?!?Cue the jumpscare and I just threw my keyboard on the floor. Who agrees with me that Night 4 will hopefully never happen again,SCOTT!

    So now Ennard....he's basically the walking reincarnation of the darn FNaF timeline. Yeah,change of subject.

    Let's talk Ballora. So I'm just shimmying through Ballora Gallery and I hear…

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  • Young Mortal

    Foxy in The Silver Eyes along with the animatronics help Charlie and her friends, and I think they do as well in The Twisted Ones. So that techinically means that Foxy is a good guy.

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  • Exl111


    September 1, 2017 by Exl111

    Have you noticed that, most kids these days are like Baby?. They are babies but act as if they are 26.

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  • Goldeaglefire1


    August 31, 2017 by Goldeaglefire1

    So I'm thinking of making a master theory.


    Just FYI.

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