• AdrianC385
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  • YTP King

    Dumbest Theory

    May 11, 2018 by YTP King

    According to Youtuber BlackFootferret

    this is who he says the characters are


    I think that's dumb

    cause Henry is Puppets Father,Foxy Mask is Teen,Guy inside Fredbear Is a Adult,the kid with a pink shirt and green shirt with Toy spring bonnie 

    and There 2 purple guys

    Bite victim can't be Micheal Afton 

    cause in 1983 he is around 8 in 1987 he would be around 13 or 14

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  • Jeffrey Penguin


    Um... I can only do one person?


    Too much? Okay then...


    Alright fine, random selection.

    I dedicate these edits to... .

    So, yeah. Congrats, you.

    But seriously, big thanks to all the people crammed into that name (I don't need to list them all off, you know who you are). You guys really did make my time here a nice experience for me, and I'm grateful for that... even I didn't think I would get this far. So, again, thank you, love you all, and have a day.


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  • Hollyleaf107

    Ok, since I haven't seen anyone say this yet, I'm posting my own theory on it.

    When you get the"bad" ending in FFPS, the Cassette Man says that you have failed to meet the obligation under paragraph 4. That must mean Paragraph 4 is you have to "have them all in one place" because to get the bad ending you need to throw out at least one animatronic. Since nearly every animatronic is in Ultimate Custom Night, I think there might be some sort of special lore cutscene after beating the night with every animatronic active. 

    Paragraph 4 is also mentioned in Molten Freddy's blueprints.

    This implies even more that Paragraph 4 is to have all of the animatronics in one place, because there are several inside of Molten Freddy.

    Please let me know what you…

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  • YTP King

    Many Fans theorized that they are the same

    however its one of the dumbest theories

    Proof:Golden Freddy was already posseded 

    Golden Freddy has a girl laugh

    Phone Guy said Bite Victim lived

    Golden Freddy is one of the 6 victims of William killed

    Golden Freddy says it's me likely means it's me,Fredbear

    FNAF 6 Grave Ending shows 6 graves of the victims,confirming GF is not CC

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  • YTP King

    Remember how the killer Used the Spring Bonnie to kill the  5 missing Children?

    Like how Michael Afton was scooped and posseded by Ennard,Could Have William suffered the same fate? He was scooped and  possibly posseded by Bite Victim,this could be the reasen why olny kills kids.

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  • Emmykitty56666

    holy crap that theres a new book looks cool huh. i am so stunded

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  • Fnafan97

    Theory: Two Springtraps

    April 28, 2018 by Fnafan97

    So I recently was thinking if there was two Springtraps, as the most recent one looks completely different. I personally think there is two Springtraps, but what does everyone else think?

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  • The Wiki hopper 2

    So uh, this is kind of a random blog, but it's more far out, so I can think about things without being too crowded.

    If anyone wants to use this, credit me first or I will get T R I G G E R E D.

    Okay, let's check the drawing board!

    Night 1, 3, 5 and 6 mechanics:

    • Equipment available:
    • Portable Monitor: Use this to check your surroundings and adjoining vents and ducts, however, you may have to charge it from time to time at one Fazbear Entertainment's "Care and Repair" stations.
    • Flashlight: Use this to scare anything away or temporarily disable any animatronics who get too close. Like the monitor, it may need charging from time to time.
    • Snare: You are supplied with two of these per night, use them to trap any animatronics who are too close for comfor…
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  • Thereal1x1x1x1

    people dont get mad bout this one too its just theory going around im just proving fnaf theories right or wrong...

    "take me with you"

    well it isn't bidybab because she has a british tone in her voice, its not freddy for obvious reassons...and its not bonnet because her voice is way higher and pitched so yeah ft.foxy's pretty much not silent...

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  • FreddyFaz704
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  • FreddyFaz704

    why do they try to kill the kid?

    my therioy is beacuse mike comes at the middle of the night and he brings the animatronics to the house to kill the people in liveing there and the go for the kid/baby first. Then they go for the parents then they go for mike. But i think he is programing them to kill every one in the house.

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  • Thereal1x1x1x1

    this blog is dead...

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  • PBEgaming

    How I'm doin'

    April 14, 2018 by PBEgaming

    (does anyone actually remember me lol)

    So, I realized just now that I never really formally left this place, I kinda just disappeared. If you're still interested in how I'm doing, or ever want to talk, you can add me in a bunch of different places (I'm probably not going to return here, at least for a while)

    Discord: QQ#4066
    Youtube: Quentin Lovejoy (mostly music)

    In terms of my wellness, I'm actually doing better than ever. Almost done with freshman year of high school at one of the best high school in the nation, so that's very exciting. I've finally progressed a lot in learning french and it's quickly becoming one of my favorite classes.

    I have taken up a LOT of hobbies, inc. but not …

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  • AdrianC385

    Characters Fans theorized is the Bite Victim is 

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  • Stabquarius

    As the title says I have a Discord FNAF server. We need some people to join. We have roleplay and other things. I made bots for the server as well and they are still being worked on. We also have roles for specific characters. We have non FNAF bots who do fun things. You should probably read the rules and roles if you do join... Yes I'm active mostly.. Unless I'm busy.

    Anyway, if you want to join here is the link.FNAF Discord server

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  • LeTesla

    not dead yet

    April 10, 2018 by LeTesla

    i might also start shitposting again so buckle up cuz it's going to be a boring ride

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  • Fnafislife6

    Golden Freddy

    April 6, 2018 by Fnafislife6

    Is Golden Freddy a hallucination? I saw on the game theorists video that the night guards are actually 1 person (Micheal Afton) so he could have the same hallucination right? Golden Freddy also acts like a hallucination too. AM I RIGHT??

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  • This1PuppetGuy

    i know, i know, i read the wiki.

    "Scrap baby recreated herself out of her old body." but... didnt that get put into ennard? she got mashed into it. so she created a body out of her suit, maybe? the suit, where last time we checked was some many metres down in a hole. 

    AAAND we noticed that the claw we see in the minigame is part of the endoskeleton of baby, right? thats part of scrap baby. but perhaps that when they made ennard only parts of each skeleton were used.

    im ranting. just tell me what you think.

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  • Youwasted5secondslookingatmyusername

    I was just looking at the maintenance panel and I found a lot of numbers that are just...there. I tried to translate the numbers into letters (for example, A=1, B=2, and so on) but I got no results. Anybody know why they are there? 

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  • YTP King

    Who is Michael Afton?

    April 3, 2018 by YTP King

    Scott confirmed Michael is the Brother,but is he really Michaael?

    People Who Think Michael Afton is

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  • Bendyfan66666

    sis location

    April 3, 2018 by Bendyfan66666
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  • Didn'tMangleBeheadYou

    Based on a false story written a long time ago that I'm probably never going to update.


    (Credit to Jillips for creating this masterpiece)

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  • Darlaimernr


    "Alright, I've beaten literally every other Nightmare challenge in the game. I think I can do this."

    "Okay, it's just one death. Nothing too bad. Nothing to panic about. I'm 14, I don't need to freak out."

    "Ooookay, maybe a little bit unfair, but I can totally do this. Just a couple more tries maybe? This isn't all that hard."

    (20 deaths later)

    "Ahh, this fuckin game. It's BS. I've been doing it right."

    "Awww that time I made it to 5 AM! God dammit!"

    "For fuck's sake."

    "Fuckin' dicks on wheels."

    "Asstwiddlies on tricycles. What the fuck?!"

    "Oh my fuckin' god, Ballora."






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  • CFMgaming

    back from the dead

    March 30, 2018 by CFMgaming

    oh hey i'm not dead anymore

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  • XXDillon3Xx

    Mine is One Night At Redbot's.

    Redbot (Freddy)

    Greybot (Bonnie)

    Ax The Guarist (Foxy)

    Maroon Dude (Purple Guy)



    I wanted to record this tape for you, so you don't die. I actually work there, I'm actually finishing up my last few nights. The pay is pretty good, i think it's like ummm... 100£ an hour. I have to give you the company greeting, uhhhh, Welcome to Redbot's. A place where all ages can have fun and be entertained. Most importantly, don't touch Redbot. Now let's get into the ummm info: When you see an animatronic at your door, put on the spare Redbot mask. Uhhhmmmm Don't worry if it's bloody. Check the uhhh cams to see where the robots are. Uhhh... I think that's all, uh, bye.

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  • FrostyTFG


    March 25, 2018 by FrostyTFG

    Why is Old Man Conseqeunces important again?

    -FrostyTFG, 2018

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  • BlackDragonKid

    Im Still Not Gone

    March 24, 2018 by BlackDragonKid


    I just can't get to the wiki shIT

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  • ILavandaI

    Welcome babys story

    March 24, 2018 by ILavandaI

    did you know that i was on  stage once only one day

    birthday cake anyone  

    oh looks like nobody wants cake ill make ballons 

    ballora dance for the children

    Daddy isnt watching ill go to her 

    hello child well your pretty her have some ice cream SREEECH 

    i need to be fixed we cant be if u leave us like this we well not be able to try again  please just 


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  • AWikiBoy521

    Based of Help:Discussions FAQ

    Nutshell: On Wikia's perceptive (at least, their "developers"), Forums are hard to maintain due to a massive bunch of code that they had to maintain for it to be stable. Which their solution is to create a "reboot" that functions similar to Forums called "Discussions" that contains easier to maintain code that would eliminate many coding issues that Forum had as well as making easier to evolve. Although, certain features like "wikitext" and "voting/polls" would be implemented in some way in the future while things like "wikitext templates" are not likely to be supported.

    Nutshell, but with some explanation:
    Back then, where Wikia exclusively made MediaWiki-based features, Forum was built under MediaWiki. Despite …

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  • Exl111


    March 21, 2018 by Exl111

    Did you know that if you read Ballora backwards its still Ballora?

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  • Foxy.piratelover06

    3rd FNaF Book

    March 19, 2018 by Foxy.piratelover06

    So is anyone excited for the third fnaf book?  THE FOURTH CLOSET! Though I have no idea what that means. My boyfriend told me it could mean the 4 holes that the twisted animatronics came out of. But so far no one but Scott knows what it means. 

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  • Goldeaglefire1

    Sketch Thing

    March 16, 2018 by Goldeaglefire1

    Made a sketch thing.

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  • Theory of Freddy

    Purple Guy killed children.

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  • Cherrridet1loves2fnaf

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  • Its MUFFIN!

    freddys story

    March 15, 2018 by Its MUFFIN!

    freddy the bear also kown as freddy fazbear now for this story its a bit like chicas but not alot lets  start freddy always will feed people cake he always loved partying  he was a friendly bear he never was afaird of anything his farther golden freddy give him teleporting powers  everybody loved freddy but only 1 person didnt like any robot his name willam afton a.k.a purple guy freddy has been loved since 1960s well freddys sister well freddys sister was busy with her friends deep below the surface we all love freddy freddy used a little bit of his spirt in a another robot named toy freddy was built in 1981s he mae his own restaraunt and freddy fazbar helped him freddy was always proud of hiself he loves all children  he now selled new f…

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  • Marie Agent 2

    Welcome back 

    where not dead

    a new desgin was created

    afaird of your own creations

    they will be no escape 

    Whould you like a danc scoop daddy help!


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  • Reaper mangle

    Im pretty sure it was freddy but i could wrong

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  • Reaper mangle

    fnaf songs

    March 13, 2018 by Reaper mangle

    Hey guys so i'm back, i just wanted to ask what fnaf song do you like the most? I like i can't fix you the best.=)

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  • Its MUFFIN!



    anyway Chicas story the legit finale this wont be scary it will be adorble

    YOU get to create your own restaurant

    with Helpy YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY! meet funtme chica she loves to serve cupcakes meet rockstar chica she is the best rocker ever 

    however they both have the same souls just  they dont  do the same  Things funtime chica loves to eat cupcakes bake party and rockstar chica likes to bang dreams and hit to the beat However Scrap baby was use to be named delivery baby/diner baby   however have you seen lefty however these chicas dont want gaurds they want love all animotronics want love intill u salvage them but that isnt a big deal

    Funtime chica always  eat cupcakes 

    This means for a party  Lefty Always sings with her left hand 


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  • Bossylilblue

    my friend showed me this game when it originally came out and she told me to watch her play, and she was on night 3 or 4 and golden freddy jump scared her and then from that point on i was terrified of the game for a while but now i love it! i made two of my own OC's (original characters for those of you who don’t know) and wrote a story with characters from Sister location and included Springtrap and Fredbear. and when i do finish the story i will probably put it on here (pending on how long it is)

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  • Its MUFFIN!

    Chicas story finale

    March 11, 2018 by Its MUFFIN!

    Whats that i see the finale chapter dont be scared In this chapter it gets intense atleast chica and her friends spawned in your hourse? dont be scared they wont bite i will now tell you youre story 

    H-help us  chica wants revenge what  do not try to move they wont bite Just check your halls closet and youell be fine  oh chicas out your window well if you shine the light shell not bite  

    now youved complted your first night now youre fright begins now  The nightmare repeats everytime stay up till dawn u will die or win Chicas cupcake wont bite now shell we look in the halls chica Hide and seek 1 2 3 4 im ready for u 5 6 hold your breath 7 8 dont bang the door 9 10 im coming for u  

    ballons tangle 5 more days intill the party u better watch ou…

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  • Its MUFFIN!

    Chicas story 3

    March 10, 2018 by Its MUFFIN!

    Your next chapter begins now 

    well golden freddy was trying to chase purple guy however purple guy found a suit he went in it nobody seen him however he been controlled he is now kown for springtrap springtrap toke chica and her friends fixed them and named them phantom chica intill a new gaurd arived chica wanted the new gaurd named fritzs

    He was looking foward for winning on night 5

    However chica whouldnt let that happen so a new desgin was created

    However a voice inside chica was squicking it was phoneguy 

    but phoneguy was never to be heard How ever her toy animotronic friends were somehow forgotten nobody went to springtraps restaurants they were a murder 5 times there food was posioned they were no chairs so that pizziaria was forgotten ho…

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  • Its MUFFIN!

    story of chica 2

    March 10, 2018 by Its MUFFIN!

    ahh so your here for the next chapter?

    well well well te second chapter starts like this

    Chica and her friends escaped the old fabears resteraunt and went to the  new fabears resteraunt However  chica wants the new gaurd but it s not purple guy  his name was jeremy but chica has  a new firend ever since she was a baby chick her name was toy chica  however chica and her other broken friends has the abilty to Have lighting super power teleport and destroy other animortonics unlike her best friends toy chica toy chica can thorw cupcakes give adorbleness and sneak

    but mangle is better then chica mangle can tangle go on the roof  and she walks in the halls with foxy

    chica always goes in the left vents but the gaurds arnt sure why chica has been bro…

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  • Theory of Freddy


    March 10, 2018 by Theory of Freddy

    Of Freddy .

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  • Its MUFFIN!

    story of chica

    March 10, 2018 by Its MUFFIN!

    Chica kown as the person who serves the   pizzia  well chicas story starts off like this the person inside chica was murded bye herny the creator of all animotronics  henry wanted his pizzaria to be perfect 

    so he had a waiter named chica the chicken 

    henry was gonna make chica freddys wife

    but then when the pizziaria got so old she has been controlled at night she wanted to kill all  security gaurds but the most gaurd she wanted was the purple guy  she always went to go to the right  door  on purple guys first night   but when the purple guy  beated the nightshift things get intense on the second night  Chica whould destroy and crumble dishes in the chicken  to scare the gaurd  then she whould go to the halls stand there intill the door was …

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  • Molten Bon Bon

    Hey guys, this is my first post so don´t be mean. Today we´ll be talking about THE TWISTED ONES!!!

    Are they 

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  • SushiGal123

    new book

    March 8, 2018 by SushiGal123

    Yeah has anyone seen the new book teaser? Its called 'The Fourth Closet' Scott?

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  • Genesect Gaming

    One of my favorite activities to do no weekends is to watch YouTube, who doesn't!? But then I saw these videos, it explained the whole FnaF story. It was by Game Theory, MatPat. From all the information given to him he has found the story to FnaF, so I encourage the admins to watch these videos and learn from them, oh also the videos were approved by Scott Cawton as seen in MatPat's next video.

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  • Ian Cawthon

    Theory talk

    March 6, 2018 by Ian Cawthon

    I was on the FNAF subreddit earlier, and I saw the usual stuff. Theories, fanart, and other discussions. But, I saw something else. I saw a lot of meme posts about "Lamar Afton". After I went on FNAF's second subreddit, r/5nafcirclejerk, I was sure this was a viral meme.

    After some investigation, I figured out the original source of this meme. It came from a reddit user named u/BlackfootFerret. I found his website, and his Youtube channel.

    I had a look at some of his theories. After watching his first theory, I realized he goes deeper into FNaF than most other theorists, and includes the smallest clues that most theorists miss, in his theories. In his second theory, he talked about the the murder incidents, and tried to piece them together.…

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